First grow set up

I’m looking into buying a tent and just want to make sure I have what I need for my first grow and curious on what I should add or change I’m looking into getting the 2024 Upgrade Spider Farmer® 2’x4’ Complete Grow Tent Kit丨SF2000 301H EVO Full Spectrum LED Grow Light丨6” Clip Fan丨4” Ventilation System with Temperature and Humidity Controller tent and I was curious if that came with a humidifier also I seen you can add that and uv/ir light bars? I have ff happy frog and ff of. Ff trio nutes, captain jacks 4n1 ff coco loco, ff cal mag, ph and ttds meter, and ph up/down is this enough for my first grow or should add/minus or change anything?

Also how many autos could I fit in the tent and how many photos? I haven’t purchased anything yet just have them all in my cart


Im typically not a fan of buying the kits i personally like to piece everything together myself that kit seems fairly decent tho for the price only thing i dont like about it mainly is the light its a bit small for a 4x2 tent also for nutrients have you bought them already or just sitting in the cart because i can recommend a better nutrient line called Jack’s its one of the best bang for your buck lines and its reliable and cost effective as for plant count for autos you can probably stuff upwards of 6 plants max and for photos i wouldn’t do any more than 4 max depending on the size of the plants

Edit- that kit does not come with a humidifier


Spiderfarmer makes good lights.
I have an older sf2000 in a 1.5x3 tent and a se3000 in a 3x3.
The sf2000 is slightly under powered fir a 2x4 but it will still grow some nice plants, 2 of them or a 300watt light would be optimal.
Light spread is the issue, the sf2000 want light up the 4foot evenly as it’s physically alot smaller the 4 foot long.
But it is a good light so dont let this discourage you.

As for the uv/ir, go for it if its in the budget, the humidifier though depends or where you live really. If the RH is never under 50% or so then it’s not really needed, if you live in a really dry climate then yeah spring for it to.

Plant count would typically be 1-2 photo or auto.
Of course things like pot size and strain can change this. Say 1-2 in pots larger then 3-5 gallon or upwards of 3-4 in 1-2 gallon.
But consider strain and pot size and of course if you go with photos, you ultimately have full control over no matter how many, you can shape them to fit before the flip to flower…


I 2nd this :+1:
Although i don’t use jacks myself, its great nutrients.
I use General Hydroponics Maxi series which is a one part powered. Its what I’ve used for a while and it’s not expensive either with great results.


I have not bought the nutes yet but will definitely look into the jacks thank you!


Also I seen something on Bonnie and Clyde auto nutrients or would the jacks work for those as well?

I live in Missouri and planned on growing in the basement. So humidity should be fairly decent to grow I would think?

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MO humidity will be fine if anything you will want a dehumidifier once flower hits as you want a lower RH during flower to reduce risk of bud rot or powdery mildew I visit Cameron frequently so i know the environment down there lol just Google Jacks nutrients and find the Part A and Part B


Basement will make you a excellent grow space. Look at Buying the tallest tent Your basement will accommodate.
Good luck with your new project :+1:

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Alright I found it I’m gonna have to do some research on the feed schedule through the life cycle

You may want to upgrade to a 6" inline fan instead of the 4". The 4" will work but you will have to run it at quite a bit higher speed and they can get loud. Good luck!

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Also will jacks nutes work well with ff happy frog and ff ocean forest?

And I’ve seen with jacks A&d you should add epsom salt and silica?

@John12 hello, just setup my second SP tent this am getting it ready and dialed in to move a plant into it, first is a 3x3 2nd was the 2x4 with same light, but I also ordered the SF 1000 to add it in and linked them together works awesome and fits in there well.

This is what’s going in the 3x3, moving the GDP on the right into new tent untill ready and getting ready for Spring outdoors and Veggie garden after these are chopped and dried.

luck to you don’t fret it works!!
Grown with Happy Frog and Bergmans nutes!


Add the sf1000 to the 2x4 tent?

yes I did!

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Also for autos should I use ff ocean forest or happy frog or I seen something saying ff lite warrior?

Definitely should add more light. If it were me I’d get a second SF2000 which allows you to turn down or off, depending on the grow.

Jack’s 3-2-1 program can be run in FFOF or coco. You’ll just start nutes later if in soil. Silica is the only additional supplement with Jack’s. You will need an accurate digital scale to precisely measure the ingredients.

I would plan on 2 plants whether photo or auto. Definitely read up on training to help maximize space.


If you have room. I would go with a bigger tent. When you grow it’s addictive and you will quickly out grow a 2x4 . At least for me it’s just that fun and I love growing


Something to think about, size wise, is what are you going to need in there? You’ll need at least two fans, possibly a humidifier and/or dehumidifier. Will you need a heater in the winter? I only point these out becasue after putting a heater and humidifier in my 4X4, it got smaller very, very quickly. Remember, you can’t have a plant super close to the heater, so they can really eat up space. Just something to think about.