First time grower with AC infinity 4x4 kit

Hi there,
I’m 100% newbie in this world and I just bought the 4x4 ac infinity grow kit
I also bought a small humidity dome with heating mat and I use it for germination and seedling. Now I am a the early veg stage and here we go with the controller 69 pro. I’m completely lost with the amount of settings so what would be the easiest way to setup a 18-6 light time from 05h00am-23h00 ? I set the max temp at 78F as for the leds panel how height and intensity level ? manually is goes from 0-20%-40-60-80-100% so its 5 click level but on the app, the level will be 0 to 10. ok now reading the manual it suggest for the early veg stage to put the panel at around 1.5 feet and at 80% so assume the app light level should be at 8 ?
I don’t have the heater neither a humidifier at the moment.
here is how the 4 ports are set:

what you guys think and Is there any other way to setup this controller to make it easy ? I see you can also setup the automations but I’m not how to do that. right now thew inline fan is at auto (target temperature 78F) port 2 light in schedule (18-6) and its at 7 and the panel at 1.5 feet above the plants
and the two clip fans in auto

thank you for your help. I start from scratch and I read so many different way to setup its a bit of a maze right now !!


Welcome to the community @Billy67

Your light schedule will depend on what works best for you. I make sure my lights go out at a fairly ‘normal’ time because my plants get kicked outside in early May. Some people also fight with extreme heat (or cold)… so if you have high daytime temps and you can get away with it, you may want to have lights on when it’s cooler outside and off during the day… it really is up to you… oh and what kind of humidity (or lack-thereof) do you deal with where you live.

Follow their instructions for density and distance, or go a tad higher and a tad lower density to test the waters then ease both up higher to test it yourself.


Welcome to the neighborhood. You will get top notch help from the great growers in the community. Happy Growing :blush::v:


I found the automations and schedule only complicated things. I set the exhaust and intake to min 1 or 2, max 10 with high temp trigger 74 degrees and high humidity trigger 47 degrees, set the fans to always on 1 or 2

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