First time grower looking for good simple tips

Took your advice and put the vent on the top of the canopy. Saves more room. Temperature lowered to 76F. How long should I leave that plastic bottle end covering the seedling? Seedling looks ok to me… Makes sense to Hang the stuff on the top with minimal bending of the aluminum vents.

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If I’m seeing that correctly and your RH is 41% @ 76 degrees then you might want to find some ways to add humidity. The bigger your plant gets the harder it will be to dome because it will need more fresh air more often. You could also poke some holes in your dome to let fresh air in, but it will also block quite a bit of light. I just use a humidifier once she has a few leaves, but a bowl of plain water in the tent is a right now solution that may help. She will still grow fine at that temp and humidity, but she would be happier and grow a little quicker if you can get your RH up.

Great observation @Gl1tch!

@JP537 you can add some bowls, cups, buckets or whatever container works with water to raise your humidity. If that gets you up to at least 60%, though 70% would be better, you can probably stop using the dome. On the other hand, another day or two with the dome will be alright.

Moving the exhaust to the top should help a lot!

You can start, very gently, pushing on the stem and rolling it a little bit between your fingers (think a 1/4 rotation, not a lot). This will stimulate the plant to strengthen up the stem.


@GardenDan you have been extremely knowledgeable and I am thankful for all the tips. As a beginner to growing the best flower on Gods green earth I am making sure to pay close attention. Didnt know that rubbing the stem lightly encourages the stem to get stronger. I will keep you and everyone else updated. Thanks a lot.

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You’re very welcome, glad I can help!

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Another question- on my spider farmer light it has a dim button should I always keep it on dim at 50% intensity while seedling? It gets a bit hot when I take it off dim. I have the light ganging 24” from top of canopy. Would like to give the seedling as much power without killing it. Heres a picture of her this morning.

I would keep the light at 50% and lower it a bit, the seedling is stretching a little. The mean the stalk is getting long relative to the leaves and nodes - this happens when it doesn’t get enough light. Instead of increasing the light power beyond 50%, just bring the light lower. Try lowering from 24 to 18 inches and re-evaluate tomorrow.


So far seedlings are doing well. Anyone have any good suggestions for neem oil? Any brand recommendations would be greatly appreciated. wedding cake autoflower is doing well and Royal Dwarf is two days above the soil and looks good so far.

I just bought some zuprime brand to try last week. So far that with a little yucca powder to emulsify seems to be working well on my outdoor grow.

Nice. Im growing inside. A wedding cake and a royal dwarf both a week apart. One in a 3 gallon and one in a 2 gallon. I will check that brand out. Around what time during the grow process should I start applying?

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On an indoor grow I wouldn’t bother until I saw evidence of pests. It’s nice to have on hand though. If you take steps the moment you see the first pest, your likely to avoid the infestation all together. Even waiting a day or two can make all the difference.

Ah man thank you for that advice. I appreciate it. I want to be on the safe side just in case.

Would you consider this still early seedling stage or is it entering vegetation stage? June 1 started germination Today is June 12.

Wedding cake autoflower 17 days

Royal Dwarf autoflower 12 days

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I usually call it vegging once it has a set of fully formed leaves. Looking good so far.

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Thanks. Been keeping the temp/RH/PH at a comfortable range. Gave them both water today. PH was 6.5. Next few days they just both put on some more.

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