First time grower. High ppm

I am a first time grower I made the mistake of thinking I could grow four plants in a 100 gallon pot after reading a lot on root importance. What I did not do was read much into root development so I’m hearing a lot that my roots will never go that deep. Is this true? If so should I be worried about 8800 ppm coming out of the bottom I kinda tried to make my own super soil, and have been feeding fox farm nutes at 1/4. Just ran my first ppm test the other day after a very low ppm watering. Plants are thriving btw.

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I’m no botanist but I think maybe I just have a high salt buildup in the bottom due to the fact I’ve not really watered enough to get runoff, but this one time.

I’m slowly lowering my light cycle as I’ve been noticing a lot of signs of flowering and quite frankly I can’t do much more veging they were germing, seedlings first week of may. I will run a slurry test after I flush again to get an analysis of the soil. I had a cover crop as well, which has died for the most part, I think it has helped a lot with controlling nutrient uptake. Tomorrow night is going to be my first 12-12

4 weeks in soil you should not need to flush. Along with that 100 gallons of soil will stay wet forever. This will harm or kill cannabis. 8800 ppm if the plants saw that they would be a smoking crater haha. Do a slurry test which will be a much more accurate than doing runoff.

First grow I would never suggest building your own soil unless highly experienced at it. The problem is you likely aren’t buffered correctly for cannabis and this is going to cause a cascade of failures later on.

Putting multiple plants in one pot is not a good idea too as one plant will inevitably steal nutes from the others . Once roots intertwine you’re out of luck to do anything about it.


Okay so what’s a good size for my pots if I had 4-5 in a 48-48–80 grow tent with 3000 watt bestva led. I was afraid of all of this I didn’t realize the plants would have issues with absorbing the nutrients. I didn’t know a thing about all of that. Also I wasn’t worried about the roots getting intertwined but then I didn’t think one would override the other. Thanks for the tips though.

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That’s what the forum is for. Bounce ideas off of other growers and see what has worked. I like 7 gallon fabric pots but I grow in Promix.

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