First time grow with Runtz(from, Black Mamba, and Purple African Magic

I think the people may want to have a look at this, because I pretty much found a guaranteed sprout method. Check out the pics. Just feed a cool mist humidifier or a couple into a humidity dome and they will all sprout every time. Only default you may get is when the root ends up coming up and the leaves going down. You can also see I have a Christmas tree in the background. I heard cannabis plants like Christmas and it will increase the vibrancy of their trichomes to work better around Christmas time if you grown them next to a Christmas tree. Other than that, still have them under the same blue and red lights. I am probably going to change in pot and soil at the beginning of September, which is next month. 4 of them I am going to oxygenate in hydroponic buckets and fill to the draining area with thick perlite and then place a fair amount of horticultural activated charcoal through out the soil to really increase the quality of the soil which the plant has to work with and as such for a draining system to implement during the vegetation stage, just before flowering perhaps and just half way through maybe. I am considering vegging them for 6 months and curing the harvest indefinitely in grove bags behind documented plaques with a picture of each plant, a preserved flower leaf and a preserved fan leaf if it is not too big and I think it will look really nice along with some information on each plant and where the seeds were purchased from. I also plan on placing a camera in the room that will stay stationary the entire grow duration, where I will take a snapshot each day and video tape pruning sessions, where I will then animate the piece and bring to life the entire cycle of my plants.