First Time Grow: Urgent-My GDP is getting stressed!

Good day everyone, this is my first post on here, but I knew I had to get help from the best. So right now I am growing my first plant(My first child)a Grand Daddy Purple autoflower I got from the ILGM seed bank and since the middle of January she’s been growing with no problems at all. I bought the Pot for Pot 5 gallon kit, which included their Superb Soil, coco bricks, perlite, mycorrhizae powder and that is my soil base. I’m using two cheaper LED panels from Amazon as my lights coming in from both the top and side and everything was going smoothly. I was giving her a gallon every 5 days of purified water bottles and was not using any outside nutes to feed her because the instructions that came with the kit said the soil had every nutrient it needed to grow and it was all fine and actually just recently started to grow its calyxes and long white hairs. Then about a week and a half ago I noticed that a three or four leaves at the base were wilting and this scared the hell out of me. And me being a beginner, I scoured online and it seemed that the cause was a lack of nitrogen. So I went out to the shed and found some miracle grow with lots of nitrogen, phosphorous, and magnesium and foolishly thought that I could give her more than she could handle and gave her about a half a cap about once every three days and with her entering her flowering stage, I upped her water to once every other day. As far as lighting I usually try to aim for the 20-24 hour range and then a 4-5 hour grace period and then back on. All was fine and then I went out to Colorado this past weekend and had a great time enjoying my first trip there. Unfortunately, I tasked my buddy with watering her while I was gone, continuing the same watering and light schedule but without the miracle gro(Didn’t tell him). When I get back from vacation, this is what I find. So again, I go back to scouring the internet looking for why the tips and edges would be turning yellow, why she was canoeing and clawing down. Upon investigating, I think that I made a giant mistake giving her nutrients and gave her too much. I cut off all the really bad leaves and flushed out the pot with around 2 gallons of water and this is where I’m at. Is there any hope for her? I ordered a ppm tester but it’s not here yet but I’m already assuming the worst. My plan right now is to hold off watering and keep giving her light for the next few days and hope it stops progressing. Any advice or info or help would be so greatly appreciated!

She’s overwatered and has some nute burn now. Not sure what the flush is going to do for that soil. Pot for pot soil is not meant to be flushed.

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Nitrogen toxcicity… the clawed leave will not straiten out… focus on new growth…
Your problem is miticle grow it’s a problem having 6 to 9 mo th feed dirt you will have alot kf excess nitrogen like you do in flower

They’re in pot for pot soil, similar to kind soil which is water only. They added miracle grow nutrients.

Oh I’m sorry though it was miticle grow soil … both are jo good miticle grow is chock full of nitrogen in the form of human derived urea… alot of companys use it but not all

Thanks for the guidance. As I stated in the title, this is my first ever grow so I wasn’t expecting it to go 100% smoothly but I definitely should have looked more into nute burn and nitrogen toxicity more extensively beforehand. This is a really great learning experience for me tho. I had no idea that I shouldn’t flush these, but now I see why because it seams like she’s got wet feet now. I’ve got two more seeds germinating right now and I’m going to give it another go. But what should I do about the one that’s already starting the flowering process? Like at this point obviously the yield is severely affected, but will she still be able to produce some or is she going to die? I just want to know if I should continue waiting or just cut my losses and start again cuz she’s not gonna bloom? Do I need to essentially throw out this soil and get a new mixture? Thanks again Bobbydigital and fano_man

The reason pot for pot soil shouldn’t be flushed is because it flushes out the food for the plant. That soil is meant to be water only, no adding nutrients. Best course of action right now is to let the soil dry out. When the soil dries out, resume watering. When you water, stop when you start to get a vey little amount of runoff.

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I think you should try to save it. If nothing else you’ll learn more trying to save it vs just giving up.

Thanks mate, that makes total sense! I’ve got her lights on and I’m blowing a fan into the grow space to help with the evaporation but is there anything else I can do to help it dry quicker? I poked a few holes deep into the soul to help get the roots some oxygen and I’m hoping this can be a valuable lesson for the future

Make sure at least one of the fans is pointing at the pot.