First time grow...Tri leaves

This is my first grow indoors and I’ve been encountering problems from the start …my plants are almost into three months into veg and the results are disappointing.
Had a black out couple days ago and it made it even worst lost electricity for about 11 hrs…I just said f it and switched to flower tonight…do y’all think I have a chance at at least an ok yeild

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What is your complaint? Got a pic?

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How to post these pics …the damn url shows alone every time I uploaded

Gotta know what you’re working with in order to help you out. Let’s see some pics and get a bit more info.
How big is the pot with what kind of soil?
Do you ph the water you give?
How much n how often do you water?
Have you given it any nutrients for veg growth?
What is your grow space temp and humidity like?

I upload from my phone so i just click the picture and it slowly loads in.

Watch at the bottom and make sure the pic gets to 100% loaded. It’s slow. Do 1 at a time

I am uploading from my phone …pH 6.3- 6.5 grow space 3x3 3gallon pots…gh maxi grow nutrients…

That’s fine, alot do. I’m on a tablet android

As I said this grow began weird the plants were staying moist for 2- 2.5 weeks …after sometime realized my hygrometer was off the humidity was saying 50’s but it was really 60’s and upward fixed that and the watering changed to 1.5 … taking into consideration this was two months into veg I found out about faulty hygrometer

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Looks like you got mutants. I see alot of the sets are 3s and that little doodler that sticks out on 1 side of some. And the new stuff looks like it’s just a single leave. I think that’s it going into flower. I’ve had that Happen to me with a gg4 strain. Not from here. I bought some weed from a buddy and there were seeds in it so i grew some. It was a few years ago but if i remember the buds that came off that were super airy and space out. I used it for butter.

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So it’s hard to tell anything much with the purple lighting. Best to turn lights off long enough to snap a picture with camera flash so we can see plants under "natural " lighting. From what I can see they look happy to me :man_shrugging:

But, they are certainly not a lose. And you can definitely flip them any time you want to.

If it was me, I would veg them till I felt they was in a happy healthy state before flipping… one of the benefits of photo periods over auto flowers is you can wait as long as it takes to get them the way you want them before they flower…

If you feel they are in poor condition or could be in better condition, dont flip yet if you dont want to, let them veg more.
And then sit back get medicated and with a little patience the community will help you pull some good nugs off them :grin:.
After we throw a million questions at you it will seem :man_facepalming: but it tends to work out more then it doesn’t…

Welcome to the community BTW…


Thanks for the advice and

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These are them without the purple light

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So they do look healthy to me my freind. They are on the small side a little for 3 months but thats ok.
You have kept them alive and actually look pretty dam good man :+1:.
So here comes a bunch of questions but if you’re patient with me I try to help ya out if I can… I do pretty good for myself but im no “expert”.

What size pots they in?
What kinda soil?
Have you gave any nutrients/fertilizers at any point? If so what kinda and just tell me the best you can how much how often…

You may have said above but also.

What kinda light and how far above them is it and on what setting if it’s dimmable…

You’ve done well to get them here so we just need get a few things dialed in if we can and they can still get huge if you want them to…
We just need to figure out what area needs attention…

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Ok thanks… firstly my lights are a no name brand Asian led claiming 2000 watts…they are in 3gal pots …soil is Coco mix …I fed with GH Maxi Gro…feeding every 2-2.5 weeks due to how long the stayed moist…I live in the tropics so the humidity is kinda tricky…I have one dehumidifier need to purchase another pretty soon (like next wk) my RH fluctuates 50’s to late 60’s…they were last watered a week ago …pH 6.36…ppm 844…in the run off pH 6.46…ppm 1441-1596…oh and my lights are not dimmable…on the topic of lights a blogger on this page replied to me advising bringing my lights closer cuz he sees light problems showing in the plants

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Going to assume the light is closer to 200 actual watts which isn’t to bad :+1:

I was hopeing they was in kinda small pots.
With photo periods you can transplant them as many times as you want or need to all the way till the very end. This is can be like hitting the reset button with out losing the progress you’ve made this far. We will try to get them jump started with out doing this just yet though.

Coco mixed with what?

GH is my brand, i use maxi and flora series exclusively so this is good, i know these nutes pretty well :grin:.
If soil is stsying moist thst long, i suspect its not draining well, it really shouldn’t stay wet that long :thinking:

These RH are are fine, i keep my RH at 65% and Temps around 78f. Heres a chart shows VPD and where it should be for different stages.

Ph is good :+1:
Is the 844ppm going in 1 or 2 scoops of maxigro per gallon?
The 1441-1596 ppm is pretty high…

This very well could be part of it but not all.
The ppm is high but they dont apear to be locked out completely which is great. They just seem to be growing slow and skinny…

So what is the Coco mix? This may be where we need to start. We need to make sure they have very good drainage…

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I can’t really say the exact stuff my bro bought it off another grower who does soil mixes locally…but I believe besides Coco there is peat moss…perlite …and other organic dry nutes added worm castings and some other stuff I can’t remember at the moment but dude said I wouldn’t need to feed till mid veg which I followed

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My lights are at 19 inches from top rn

2 scoops per gal

Its ok man, i was just trying get an idea if tje soil was organic or i was hopeing maybe it was not.
Om omw to work, for the mean time, would it be hard for you to get your hands on some more soil? Even if its the same stuff?
But I believe its a situation where they are over fed and transplanting would be great but we want to try and get them to drain better then they do now…