1st Grow and I’m lost

Hello everyone :wave:t4: this my first grow as well as my first post on this platform so please excuse me if I’m not providing all relative information.

I’m growing in a 4x4 tent using FFOF soil and FF line of nutrients. (I doubt I’m using them correctly) I use to have huge lush dark green leaves when I fist started but now I’m seeing skinny light green leaves also discoloration on some older fan leaves.

Not sure exactly what going on or what I should do, but I’m trying to right the ship before I flip to flower.

Thank you guys in advance


Are you feeding FF at full concentration? Ole girl looks hungry(needs some nitrogen).


How long have you been in veg? Are you following a flushing schedule? Those top leaves tacoing like that and the colors youre getting has me leaning towards a ph issue. Do you have a PH and TDS meter? Hows your temps and humidity?


I’ve been following the FF feeding schedule for soil (week 3) and using their recommended doses

I do have a ph meter and have my ph @6.5 when watering, been in veg like 8 weeks temps between 70-80 humidity around 50-70

Been thinking I need to flush with sledgehammer

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What ph is the run off coming off your plants. It might be bound up and locked out rightnow. Flushing with 6.5 straight water should help that.

I haven’t tested the ph from the run off, honestly I fear over watering so when I do water, I don’t water enough to have run off.

If it were bound up and locked out, how would I be able to tell ??


Bingo… water till runoff and lets get a ppm and ph… i bet youre locked out. Did you start feeding immediately ater sprouting in fresh FF soil ? What size container are you in ? Fabric or plastic ?


Over-watering is watering too often not the amount of water at one time. Follow the advise from the above posts and you’ll be back on track in no time. Happy growing and welcome aboard. :v:


By your runoff, what @ChittyChittyBangin is suggesting you need to do.


I only water my plants minimally during seedling and early veg. Once training starts , i like to water them to a point i can check their numbers every 2 to 3 days.

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I could be wrong but they look hungry. From what i understand over watering happens over time, not at once. Water til post feel heavy then you should be good. Wat 2 to 3 days before next watering. Stick your finger in dirt down to you first knuckle if dirt is not moist its timee to feed. Luckily i haven’t noticed any lock outs in my experience so i cant say on that. As far as amount of nutrients i just do what the bottles say mls per gallon. Hope.it helps. Nd happy growing.


I know this has already been mentioned but what @ChittyChittyBangin said is what you need to do.

You have a couple problems here, ph has dropped and ppm is high from salt build up, the waste from fertilizer has no were to go and this is why we water to runoff.

Luckily for you this can all be corrected in one step, water heavily and get runoff till PPMs are in the 800ish range, feed and let her dry out. Easy fix, we all been there.


Thank you first and foremost , I’m using 5 gallon fabric pots. When I transplanted I waited 2 weeks before using nutrients. Last night I did a flush with FF sledgehammer and these were my reading.

Q: Where do I want to be with my PH and PPM??

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You want to flush until your ppms are about 400. Then next watering feed until you get about a 1000 ppm runoff and maintain that. In veg you want ph to be between 6.0 and 6.5 leaning towards the 6.5 and in flower you want a ph of 6.5 to 6.8.

I didnt read if you were growing autos or photos.


Welcome to the community , how often are you watering and how much. Also plants that size Let the pots dry out good before you water again.
2 or 3 days Depending on pot size and temperature. Good luck :v:


I agree on the hungry. Grew a DP full sativa strain and that’s exactly how she looked. Check your nutrients concentration before you feed next time.

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Maybe a dumb question, but how do you water? You said 5gal fabric correct? The reason I ask is because I got lazy, would grab a gallon bottle and dump the water on top. Did this 3x a week. Plant was looking horrible, come to find out the middle had dried so much the water never got there. It ran down the side and evaporated out.

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That’s why I don’t use fabric anymore. Noticed that with outside vegetables.

Welcome to the neighborhood. You are in good hands here. Happy Growing and Happy Thanksgiving :turkey::blush::v: