First time grow, LST & Scrog!

Okay, this is getting kinda fun. Just a few questions about next steps.

Bit of backstory: True OG clone purchased on impulse from local dispo. She was struggling a bit outside, wasn’t really vegging (guilty of rookie sin of overwatering)…

…so on advice from the ILGM community, we topped her, bought a light, moved her inside, transplanted her, and LST’d her in hopes of resetting the veg. After a few more mistakes, she started taking off:

Now we’ve built a scrog about 8-9 inches above soil level to eventually give her more support and increase yield:

We’re trying to keep her tops somewhat even and she’s about an inch away from reaching the screen:


  • The growth is very thick. Do we need to be topping/pruning selectively to encourage more lateral growth all over? If so, how?

  • Our goal is “fill” in each of the screen squares with a bud. With 64 to fill in, is this a reasonable goal?

  • We’ve read that you should flip to 12/12 after 85% of the scrog is filled in. Is this correct? Does it look like we’re on our way to achieving that?

  • Next step: cover PVC frame with Panda Film, put in ventilation/filtration system. Does anyone here have experience in Panda Film tent building? Any pointers?

Thanks to all who answer!

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I’m not a SCOG grower so I can’t help you with that but you can raise the light to encourage more stretch

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It also helps to know what type of light ur using and I would just train some of it to grow out of the way of the lower growth so it can get more light

Honestly you might wanna raise the scrog to 12-18 inches just to have room to water and tuck/trim leaves and branches

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Good point

That is true man 9hrs til likes return craziness :dizzy_face: