First Time Grow- Help with Nutrient Burn in Flowering

Hello- I’m in week 5 or so of flowering on my first grow and made the mistake of just feeding according to the fertilizer labels without checking PPM. Things were going well until last week when I started noticing burnt leaf edges and curling tips. I’ve attached a pic of both plants as well as a couple closer shots of the issues.

I finally bought ppm and ph checkers and just tested my run off _ results were over 4000 ppm and 5.0 or so ph. I have flushed the plants with 2-3 gallons each of RODI water and ppm is down in the 2@ range and ph near 6. At this point I didn’t want to keep flushing and stress them even more with too much change so have stopped for now.

Beyond flushing them is there anything else I should be doing at this point? With this kind of issue during the flower stage am I likely to see them get to any kind of harvest? Thanks so much for any info/suggestions.


Is this soil? If so I would of continued flushing until you were at 6.5-7 pH. This can be done with tap water. This will drop your PPMs, then you’d replace it with feed immediately following that flush preferably with a mycorrhizae product and microbes.


Sorry, yes - Happy Frog soil and have been using Fox Farm feeding products.

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Yeah buddy. I would of taken it all the way to the proper range in one shot. It’s gonna be stressed no matter what, half a point higher would of been another couple of gallons I’d imagine.

I dealt with the same thing quite a few times which is why I switched to coco.


Did you buy their sledge hammer product? If you continue next grow with fox farm I definitely recommend picking some up. Flush routinely. Or get a product like florakleen for flushes.


Ok thanks- going to run a couple more gallons through tonight since it’s only been a few hours. Don’t have sledgehammer but am licking woke up to have.

Do I still have a chance at this point for things to work out on these plants? Didn’t know how hard it is to recover once they are in flower.



They won’t recover in terms of appearance of the leaves, but they will in health. they shouldn’t progress. You will be fine to get through the rest of flower just get the bs out of the way asap. be pro active going forward.

If you flushed today, wait for them to dry out and flush again to desired range. If you flush in the same day and spread it through out the day the roots will be drowning for too long and could end up worse. These things need to be done in 1 session, not over a period of time.


Ok thanks for the info and will do. One other question- once I get them back to 1000 ppm or so will I want to start feeding again immediately or give it some additional time?


Flush to desired range and feed right after the flush to replenish the medium.

Continue checking in and out numbers going forward. If the run off exceeds input skip a feed and do regular water. Your feed schedule using nutrients should be based on run off.


You’ll be happy with your harvest @Low has you spot on :+1: