First time gold leaf grow showing some purple

Need help mid way through 5th week flower and have noticed some red or purple on some not all side branching and some fan leafs going pale is this genetics or due to the fact I had a couple nights that got below 60f for temps . trying to learn and push the envelope but don’t want my lady to suffer

good question , i have some purple branches too on one of my plants…i was thinking it was genetics…but im a beginner so i dont know for sure

your plant look good by the way

Fan leaves will yellow as plant flowers taking nutes from the leaves and going through its cycle as for purple might be a magnesium issue Epson salts will help .The plant looks fine might be a bit late to add nitrogen so far into flower but looks great.

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Thank you for the advise of Epsom salt will pick some up . I have been doing a lot of reading and trying different tricks this grow . I read a lot about defoliating during veg and flower and just did the last round last week I know most do not like to do this but I saw a post that made some sense in nature you have bugs and animals that eat the leafs and it makes the plant stress enough to produce bigger yields figured I would try and see for my self . Any suggestions or tricks let me know . Knowledge is power . K


Purple is possibly from the cold

Plant looks like it needs some food?

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It had a feeding last week 2 tsp tiger bloom 3 tbsp big bloom 1 tbsp molasses times 2 gallons . Also 5 days later today just flushed with 3 gal straight water and sledge hammer 1 gal water 2 tbsp molasses 3 tbsp big bloom all ph 6.3 . Here are more pictures that show leaves and the purple stems . Please help need to know if she is ok or if she needs more help.

How did this turn out, any updates?


Turned out amazing yielded about 4 1/2 oz dry super strong bud . Was on the small size plant height only got to 18" width 18"