First plant, first time, comments appreciated

Hi everyone,

Very nice website and community as I can see eh. So I’m taking care of this baby do you think you guys could tell me tell if indica or sativa, since I’ve seen so many plants here and on the Internet with different sizes and bushy or whatever I’m a little doubtful so I don’t know if by the light I’m providing the plant is small for it’s age, also I can see pistils so I believe it’s a female in flowering stage? Anyways if so I’m happy. The plant should be close to 3 months old. I’m growing indoors since it is not legal here and I know I have not been providing the light it needs but it’s my baby and I love it. Been taking care of it like taking care of other plants except for fertilizers. I used 5 1 1 (fish fertilizer) first and now I’m using a 2 5 3 (joe’e vegetable something) from home depot. I received the seeds from weed I bought in the street so I have no idea of the strand. Looking forward on buying seeds from here once I get all the right tools for growing.

Good way to get started and get some practice, street bag seed, that is. It isn’t that important to know now if it has more sativa or indica dominant characteristics, especially at the immediate point in time. And it isn’t something that can be easily known by the appearance in a photo. But if it is bag seed acquired in the USA it is likely mexican sativa dominant in its genetics, maybe sativa dominant genetics from Jamaica or Columbia if on the east coast, but even then – most stuff still comes from central mexico. As far as the quality of the buzz, it will likely be at least as good, if not better than the bag it came from. Growing it with a good amount of nutrients, keeping it healthy the entire grow and keeping it seedless can increase the THC a little. It’s mostly the genetics though, so the same as the bag it came form, mostly.

It is stringy and stretched out from not intense enough light. You can add more of the lights you are using and or bring the lights closer. You don’t necessarily need to invest in a expensive “PLANT light” right away. If you are already using fluorescent lights, CFLs I’d assume, look into T5’s, they aren’t that expensive and are about the brightest fluorescent light you can get.

General vegetable fertilizers/plant foods can be used to some decent success, most people use tomato plant foods with really good success. A higher phosphorous level is needed during the transition to flower, so the joe’s stuff might be good at that time and higher potassium is needed during the rest of flowering. You’ll notice most tomato plant foods have a good amount of phosphorous and potassium in the NPK values.