First Organic Grow start of Flower!

This grow is 2 Afghans and another random hoping it’s the same as the one in my last grow. They have been in veg for 12 weeks in a small 224 so I have chopped them down 3 times to keep them out the lights while my other 3 were flowering. Feeding them a tea of Roots Grow tea, Molasses, seaweed and Epsom salt once a week and between hitting them with roots elemental and molasses.

For flowering they will be in the 447 under the HLG 260 xl and the Mars 1000 and I love the Cloud line T4 exhaust fan nice and quiet. My temp is between 78 - 82 with lights on 74 - 78 with them off. Humidity stays at 55% long as the humidifier doesn’t run out of water on a ink bird controller so it does a good job at keep it just right and giving me plenty of time to keep it full.

Flipping the light tonight so I will keep the journal updated. Like always any advice tips or criticism appreciated! A couple of pics of the Organic Girls!


I’m no expert (far from it). I would be worried they will stretch into your lights. I see you have a scrog net way up top. You plan to supercrop them or tie them to the scrog?

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I would consider some training and switching to flower as soon as you can.


@Blackthumb1 @Covertgrower yep that’s my worry they will stretch into the lights trying to find away to raise the lights to the ceiling. I’m trying to train them with the net but think I need another net with smaller squares. I just flipped them today to 12/12 so hopefully I can get these lights up closer to the ceiling when the lights come back on tonight.

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Ok time for a up date and I’m in need of some help! Back working so not much time to get pics and questions asked or problems fixed just hope it’s not to late. So after a couple days running my Cloudline t4 stopped working I came home and the tent was 91 degrees replacement being sent but now it’s been a week with no exhaust fan i unzip the sides when the light is on to cool it down to the low 80s. So my problem is now my leafs are curling up and getting really dry the lights are 26" above the canopy so I wouldn’t think it’s light burn but here is a couple of pics and help or advice would be appreciated.

@Skydiver could this be from my tea being to weak?

You can consider dimming your lights down so less heat…until your replacement in line fan arrives.
What else are you feeding them?
Is the soil a super soil?
You’ll want to bend those down now hopefully they still have some give as they will harden more going into flower.

@Skydiver not a super soil just FFOF and I feed them molasses and seaweed opposite the day i feed them the roots grow tea with molasses/seaweed/Epsom salt. The lights are turned all the way down and the new fan came in today I’m just putting it in now. So hopefully they will get better. One more question how do you pH up or down your water? Here is the new pics and the light is at 25" above the canopy.

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I’m using RO water so no need to PH if using just RO or distilled water.
If using Tap or RO/distilled with nutrients (I don’t PH my teas) I use citric acid to lower PH or earth juice crystals to raise PH.

The potassium bicarbonate is the active ingredients in earth juice PH up.

What else will you be using to feed the plants? FFOF and the other things you have posted your using I’m not sure will be enough to get you through harvest.

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@Skydiver that’s all I have been using the roots grow tea Is suppose to have everything needed for the grow and I run there elemental. Going to start using the roots bloom
Tea and seabird guano next week. Other than that just the molasses seaweed and Epsom salt. And I’m using RO Water. What else would you suggest I use? According to roots Organic the tea should have everything being my first time I’m not sure how true that is.

That could be the case I’ve not used it nor researched it?

I use tap water, and I ph adjust the water, before I add guano, earthworm, castings, epsom salt, or deuce deuce for potassium. I always go 1/2 strength or less.

I always do an equal amount of plain ph adjusted water chaser too.


You feed molasses every watering?..
If that’s all the height you have… I think you’re gonna have a problem. When those things stretch They might double in height and when you’re flowering you’re probably gonna need about 24 inches between the light and the plants… If it were me I put them back to 18/6 cut them down about halfway vedge them for another 2 Or 3 weeks.
Here is a picture of a blue dream plant and a LSD plant that I put in pots on March 19 that is just over 60 days… I kept them short by keeping my veg light Cranked up fairly high.

The top of the tape measure is 24 inches from dirt. I’m no expert by any means… But… I do know it looks like you’re out of room in height before they even start to stretch… I am set to follow though do you like learning!


Those babies need some super cropping.

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You should be top dressing with a bloom fertilizer do you mean roots organics

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@Happilyretired they were in a small tent in veg for a couple months I have chopped them down a couple times while I was waiting for my 1st crop to finish. I’m going to try and super crop @Big123 it if it get to out of hand. @Jon051410 I’m going to start the bloom feed next week with the roots Organic bloom tea. Should I not be using molasses every water?

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I mostly grow outdoors, and I only add blackstrap molasses late into flower, sometimes earlier, or not all if I forget to do it ;=))

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I use molasses every watering but in im a mixture or super soil and ffof the molasses feeds the little critters living in the soil and ok the bloom tea i havent tried i brew in own but i do use their bloom fertilizer i didnt top dress when i was suppost to and now im running into problem my girls are running out of nitrogen alil to early


Do you have the feed schedule for root organics


@Jon051410 you have alot of stuff. This my first try at Organic only my 3rd grow period so I’m just learning and picking it up as I go. I just ordered the roots Organic players pack liquid instead of going with the bloom tea and the seabird dry nutes hoping the players pack will really have everything I need to push to the end.