First grow. Need constant day to day feed back. In veg. Week 4 or 5.😁

Smaller plants where germinated in soil in January. All seeds sprouted on 31st. To bigger plants where germinated a week earlier. Potted in ffof soil from day 1. Feed reg water with seaweed extract ph’d 6.8. Now lighty feeding smaller plants ff veegie bloom. All lookin well, just two plants soil too moist so fan leaves droop.
I decided to F.I.M. 2day for first time, so here we start

So what do guys & gals think.


Mine are same age some are more developed others are the same but yours all look very healthy :blush:. I am happy about 3 of the six but the rest are a work in progress.


I think they are looking great, hope they grow into pleantiful girls for you


Hey brother, they are lookin good. Glad you got everything squared away from earlier. Keep us updated on the ladies and holler if you need anythin brother

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Cool. Send some pics Fever, lets see what they look like. We can friendly compete for best out come , & help each other out.
& deb, i hope they’re all ladies. Bag seed grow, so no lost in this just trial & no error if poss. Im deeply. Into this grow. Hopefully next time ill have true strains


If everything looks to be going well I will simply like and move on temps are a bit high but also could be meter is located in the light they don’t seem to be bothered by it any but may want to lower it some during flower the high temps won’t be as kind to your plants. Are you under t5’s?

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Running 400watt mh been keeping it around 8-10 inch from plant. Temp normally stay around 77. I raised light to stretch plant some for bigger yield assistant. And i raised temp to help dry out soil in pot where my fan leaves droop.
I was actually. Thinking about pulling off bottom two set if fan leaves. Shouldci or not. I just F.I.M. them last night.

Some lovely looking ladies youve got, did you fim all of them or just the bigger ones?

Only fim biggest two so far. Nit sure if they’re ladies yet. Or can you​:eyes::eyes::eyes:

lookin good, my friend!

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Looking like you did a bit of reading and preparing before you started . Nice job they are looking like happy girls . I femm my plants instead of topping also and so far it works for them very well Your girls should be bushey and full . One thing I would suggest while you are doing a bag seed grow is to pull one aside and experiment on it @ktreez420 gave me that advice when I started and the confidence it gives to try spooky shit with the girls and have it work is great. Try super cropping or something on one so you learn the process for future grows . Good luck on your new adventure and welcome to the fun stuff


Good to hear you have some temp control and I grow under HID so know temps can be fun to keep in check at times it’s always good to know you can raise or lower as needed

Update 24 hours. Sfter film plantsvstill look like too much water. I think its getting. Nitrogen toxicity. How to rid it

if you just fimmed some stress is normal

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todays update is in forum topic is it safe to flush w/o drowning plant even more. waiting for your thoughts and cures

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Indeed it is but also easier to feed lightly so you don’t need to flush

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These teo where looking bad for a moment. Flushed them both & looking. A lot better

heres how film looking so far.