First Indoor Grow in 30+ Years

Day 10. FlowerPower hasn’t grown at all for a long time and loves this site for learning from you all.

The specific strain is unknown. Seeds are from a recent smoke, though its qualities are that of an indica or indica dominant strain.

Soil is a mix of quality, organic potting mix, plus worm casing, biochar, vermiculite, perlite, and peat moss.

Lighting is 1 1200W LED grow light with 4 COBs and a 400w 5500k industrial high bay light. Room is at negative pressure and is exhausted with a 6" carbon scrubber setup. Humidity is maintained at 55 to 60%.

I’ve fed 5ml (per seedling) distilled water at pH 5.8 three times so far.

Feeding 1: 1/4 strength Grow Big, FloraMicro, and Kelp
Feeding 2: 1/4 strength silica product
Feeding 3: diluted SST

A quarter tsp mycorrhizal has been applied at base of seedling at watering 2 to be watered in.

5 seedlings and will be transferring each to its own pot after the 3rd or 4th set of leaves grow out. Males to be thinned once they are identifiable. Meanwhile, some feminized Blue Mystic seeds inbound. Will probably flower these seedlings early (8 to 10 weeks) so can move on to the Blue Mystic grow.


Welcome to the forum. If I was use you want to keep the leaves dry as they can get burned from the lights. If you ever swam in water in high heat the thing that comes is that you will get a sun burn faster. Same as with plants.


Yep. I screwed up when watering this morning, but yeah, I get that water on the leaves is effectively beads of magnifying glass.

I used a sprayer instead of my feeding syringe.

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@MidwestGuy I was just making sure is all. I don’t like seeing plants getting hurt. :+1:

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Right on!

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Welcome to ILGM
Got something in common us! preparing for my first grow in 30 years! ! Although you seem to be soooo much more informed than myself…difference being last time I grew was outside in France naturally, growing purple haze​:blush::blush: on my parents farm!
Looking forward to following your work.


Time on the forums and reading the articles on the site have been great education. Things have changed so much since those last plants.


At this point you don’t need to give them anything but properly pH’d water. Also, as mentioned, don’t spray or leave water on the leaves. Just keep the soil damp.


You know that, can be a “little” overwhelming. Gonna get there eventually.
Longon :om:

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Yep. Agreed. Spent weeks studying lighting, nutes, and so on before seed met soil. Much appreciation to the wealth of knowledge of the members here.

Still much to learn though. Hence the grow log. I expect the more experienced growers will course correct the noob mistakes made along the way.

I know how y’all feel. This indoor growing thing is new to me as well. I have done quite a bit outdoors but never a complete grow indoors. I dabbled in it in the past but, usually just to get a jump on plant size before the conditions were right to put them in the soil outdoors. I believe we are all at the right place. There is a tremendous amount of knowledge and a vast amount of experience here. Everyone I have encountered has been super helpful. Welcome to the forum


I grew a bit back in the 80’s and we considered ourselves lucky if we had a female. Back in the day no one cared so much (or knew so much) about a plant’s sex and so on. The weed was crap back then, but the females were prized. I did separate them even back then, which produced killer weed for the day. None of us knew what (strain) we were growing. It was whatever came out of the last bag of smoke we got. Indica? Sativa? Meh…

We’re all much, much smarter now.

I was growing back then even a little before then and you are right it’s came a long ways. Even back then, I was anal about yanking the males out, as soon as I saw the signs. I can remember back when you could get Mexican and Columbian for $15-$20 an ounce. I was getting over a $100 an ounce for my homegrown. Looking forward to getting started. I’m hoping to get most of my tent together this weekend, if all goes well

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I kinda jumped the gun on being patient and planted a plant about 4 weeks ago, thought that I would already have everything set up by now. I was going to put 5 more in water last night but, I got high. It will definitely happen tonight. Maybe we could help each other out along the way. We will pretty close with start times except for this one

That was Wednesday evening and this was yesterday evening when I bent her over again

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@repins12 I can get 1oz bags of the Mexican Swag for $50 to $60 per ounce all day long for 365 days a year and for Leap Year 366 days.

You can tell how they ship it across the border through tires as it’s extremely compact and it has a curved shape to it. I don’t smoke it but I will use it to make Super Cannabutter as I will use the full ounce for it.

@MrPeat. Those prices went away a long time ago in Northern Virginia. I got a few friends that live down that away and they have told me that it’s still pretty cheap down there. I never really bought a lot, didn’t take me long t

Damn fat fingers hit the wrong button again. What I was saying is that it didn’t take me long to realize that I could grow a much better product out in the woods myself

@repins12 Oh I know…I was saying where I live off a major corridor from Mexico so the prices is real cheap. I’ve smoked some a few times and it’s ok for when you are in a pinch. I prefer to use it when I do on a very rare occasion it’s to make Cannabutter.

Plant looks really healthy!

Thanks. I got it growing in cheap Wally World potting soil.