First harvest OG KUSH

The trichomes on my first of 12 OG Kush plants turn amber today. I manicured the entire plant before I cut and hung it. I did not research it ask questions none of that, I made a decision on my own manicure the plant cut it and hung it. I have decided in the last week or so that I asked to many questions. I made this decision on my own I will learn on my own. Thank you for the invaluable help that I many times receive from this venue. I am sincere when I say thank you. Stay safe and be happy. Roger


Good job I say it looks like you got smoke wow.I would be happy.

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Yup it is a nice looking plant, should be great stuff, you might want to read up on drying and cureing. Cureing really gives you a great smooth smoke.
Good luck and enjoy. Tom

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Thanks Will explained curing and drying.


I feel like I ask too many questions as well Lol. But looks like u have a pretty nice yield. I heard OG’s don’t yield much but urs looks good

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Any plant don’t yield much if it’s not in a stable climate to grow . And any plant growed outdoors will double the yield compare to and indoor grow . Now a indoor scrog can yield just as much as an out door grow .