First Og Kush harvest

Here is number 2 of my second grow., manicured up and ready to cut down and hang.


And an overview.


One more picture


Nice first plant!!! If I ever get one like that I’d probably attempt a back flip, fail, n snap my neck


now all you gotta do is wait for her to dry :frowning: the slowest part

Is it possible to get autos to get that big or grow that many branches?

not in my experience (but i only do indoor maybe out doors?)… 10-12 branches and a main cola best i have gotten… 2,5ounces per plant… @bob31 a more seasoned auto man he might have a diff answer

I’m in door as well and they are looking like this so far 2 months in. I have three smaller plants that are 2 weeks old I’m going to top those didn’t top my first batch hopefully that will help with getting more branches. I will try topping multiple times as soon as maybe 2 more weeks go by.


@Nuggyunlimited ppl say not to top or fimm autos… But some say do it… I would say experiment with one or two of the young ones but be careful. Don’t wanna blow a how grow


So I ended up spending most of the day futzing with that plant. Between the final trimming and the cutting and hanging it was 3:30. I’ve got two bigger plants about a month behind them. Should be interesting as we are leaving for the U.K. in early June.

Way to grow :stuck_out_tongue: good job

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I’ll try it they are young but they are growing fast I will try it next week maybe if not the week after when I feel like they are mature enough

Look up intelligent stoner on YT @Nuggyunlimited. Hes some Dutch guy who grows an auto at a time in a hollowed out pc tower that he pulls 2 zips a plant from cuz he lst the hell out of them. It’s what I’m planning on doing with my northern lights auto… Not the PC tower… just his way of lsting it

Holy crap thanks for the info man about to sub to him now and get to learning i have three young autos I’ll try it with my amnesia dont want to mess with my first NL or Blueberry grow but I’m on my forth amnesia plant lol

The basic idea is lst the hell out of the top cola until it’s literally sideways then all the other branches turn in to monsters like the top guy. I’m thinking imma need to get a side light to do it properly… But like i said he does it in a hollowed out pc tower so he really doesn’t have much light in it. I think 2 CFLs n a lil 24w led bulb for the side light… Atleast from watching it that’s what it looked like

Jesus I wish I could grow buds as big as those in a tent he’s killing it in that tower man. I think I’m going to get 3 side lights for my tent and try to LST as well those buds are monstrous.

So here’s the next one behind it. Og Kush sprouted the same day as my just harvested one. This one is a monster. 44" tall but all of that across. Aggressively supercropped so there’s 50 cola’s on it.


Oh my word! I’m new to growing was nervous to grow fems but I think I want to try them just for the yields man!

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U spent the money on the tent you might as well lol. If I had the room I would be in a tent and not 2 stealth boxes

After this I’m going to try single plants just for fun. I have Sour Diesel started and Gold Leaf and Jack Herer seeds on the way. I was really pleasantly surprised to find out our local nursery supply business has been carrying the top lines of growing products for the marijuana farmer. Even better, the prices were good and they were using the products themselves. That was an expensive hour lol.

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