First growth - Point of leaves burned and poiting down

Hey all!

Its my first growth.
I’m using a small tent, 60cmx60cmx1,6cm. Have an intake and exaust system and a ventilator inside.
Temperature: 22-29 Celsius.
HUMIDITY: 55-70.
SOIL: inert peat + perlite 50/50.
PH: water and feed kept around 6,5.

The plant is within 26days. Received two doses of root ferts, and just one dose of the veg fert. The indicated dose was 2ml/L and i gave only 1,5ml/L.

The problems looks like an over fert,but is awkward since it received only one dose of fert and in a much lower dose than indicated by the brand.

Theyre been drinking all the water in 4-5 days.

Im thinking in flush them all, and restart, but if the problem can be diagnosed before it will be great.

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It does look like nitrogen toxicity. Dark green leaves with burned tips is the giveaway.


Agree looks like to much nitrogen


Yeye… thats what i figured. The only thing that intrigues me is that i used the fert even lower than the low dose.
Maybe the Roots Fert messed up a bit.
Ill flush this one and restart the VEG Fert in a lower dose!
Thank you for yout time and help!

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Yeye, looks lilke!
Always good to hear smoeone with more experience. TY!!