Nitrogen Toxicity? First grow, SOS


Long story short, this is my first grow and I think, through my error, I have encountered nitrogen toxicity. I’m hoping it’s not too late to fix this and I was wondering if someone could offer some advice. I’m using the complete line of FF fertilizers and I also have some sledgehammer if I need to flush. I attached a picture and I think the lighting may make her look lighter than she is, because her leaves are dark green and two at the bottom turned really yellow.

If anyone has advice on this and has suggestions for fixing this problem, it’d be greatly appreciated. I sincerely hope it isn’t too late to fix it!!!

Thanks all :slight_smile:

Hello! Looks overfed, for sure. What kind of soil is it? What size/type container? What kind of water (tap, filtered, R.O., distilled, well, rain?) and what pH/PPM (and how are you measuring those) is it? The fertilizer (if any) in the soil itself may be more than enough for her at this stage. No worries! She looks pretty happy, overall, honestly. I wouldn’t flush a plant that young. She looks to be in a pretty big pot, so be patient! They will work hard on filling in all that soil with roots, much harder than growing leaves, at first. It’s typical for a seeding in a big pot to grow slowly at first because of this. Once the root ball is developed, you’ll see much faster growth.

P.S. I flagged your other post for deletion, since it’s the same. Don’t be alarmed. I can’t imagine how your question went 6 hours without a response. This forum is usually a pretty busy place!

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I’ll take care of the other post and thank you elheffe702

And Cangie1001 Welcome to ILGM and to our community,
As for your plant, stop feeding her. You started feeding to early, and what was the soil you used ?
It’s not to late for her just a very miner set back no big deal really.
Just water for the next week or so maybe add a little Epson salt in every other watering like a teaspoon to a gal of water and you should be good to go