First grow with Great White Shark strain fem

Hello everyone,
I’ve decided to post my first grow journey here and hopefully get some help and advice from more experienced growers on this forum.
I am growing 2 Great white Shark from feminized seeds.

It looks like this is the place to be to show love, grow my skills, and become overall better at growing and helping out others along the way!
I’ve been reading through a lot of hellraisers old posts and others on this forum and I really enjoy the friendly atmosphere.

My grow setup below:

  • 2x4ft grow tent
  • spider farmer 2000 for late veg/flower
  • spider farmer 300 for seedlings/veg
  • spider farmer 4" exhaust fan with temp/humidity controller.
  • carbon filter for flower.
  • starting in soo cups with 3x 1/2 inch holes in bottom for drainage.
  • using soiless Promix HP with mycorrhizae + adding 1/4 perlite.
  • opening the bottom flaps of my tent for passive air intake during veg, exhaust on 2/10 setting for now.
  • Will use Advanced Nutrients basic feeding guide once plants are about 3 or 4 weeks old.

Grow tent conditions currently starting week 3 veg:

  • Daytime Temps: 20-28C
  • Day RH: 31-65%
  • Night Temps: 18-26C
  • Night RH: 21-45%
  • Plants are about 2" in height, third and 4th set of true leaves growing now.
  • Light is 24" from the tops of the plants as recommended by Spider farmers guide.
  • Feeding schedule is water, water, feed, etc. Only feeding nutes at 1/2 strength starting at week 4 once dry.
  • PH water to 6.0-6.5, after tap water has bubbled in a bucket for 24-48 hours.
  • growing 2 plants currently from seed, they are 3 weeks old today.

Questions I have for the pro’s:

  1. I’m wondering if they look a little yellow/green, not too sure what that could mean at this point? Maybe they need nutrients now 1/2 strength?
  • The roots are not fully developed yet and they seem a bit stunted?
  1. According to Advanced Nutrients feeding chart, they say I should be feeding the plants at 1 week old. I’ve read many times on this forum, that could lead to hurting your plants or killing them. Please help me understand this process better.

I hope I have included everything I need to, please let me know if I am missing anything or if you have any questions.


Looks like your off to a good start. They should start getting bigger week by week.
Good luck with your grow!


Thanks brother! I hope they continue to grow! Anyone able to answer my above questions 1&2?

If it all looks good then I guess I will just hang on tight and wait :slight_smile:


They look a good color to me. I dont give mine anything but water for at least 4 weeks. And I do start off 1/2 dosage.
Their are people around with a lot more experience than me around here. You can really learn a lot just by reading the forum and the issues we have.


The thing with Promix is it is peat based which in tearn means you have to water more often. It also has no added nutrients. I would start feeding half strength and keep an eye on it. They look healthy.


Right! I also think you’ll do better keeping the ph around 6.0. Using promix hp is not a typical “soil” grow.


Thanks alot guys, I appreciate your guidance on this journey. I’ll keep updating the grow as we go. I’m glad they look healthy. I’ll stick with ph 6.0 and I’m trying hard not to over water. I did notice this promix gets dry fast. So I’ll keep that in mind.

@greggt @dbrn32 is half strength nutrients good to start at week 3 or 4? And continue to up the nutrients if the plant can take it week after week? What is your experience with feeding and how early can I start?


The stuff you’re using doesn’t provide any nutrients, waiting until weel 3 or 4 is probably too long. You should probably start feeding some as soon as you start seeing leaves other than cots. I’m just not sure on what % recipe due to unfamiliarity with nutrients, and I don’t remember if I’ve ever grown cannabis in promix hp. Not recently for sure.

@Myfriendis410 was a promix user back in the day, do you have some guidance here?


I prefer Promix HP to coco as it seemed to remain loose through the whole grow unlike coco. It buffers to a lower PH than soil but higher than coco with 6.0 being ideal. You will have to supplement starting at about 2 weeks in that medium.

The only downside is peat is a non-renewable resource, unlike coco. And much more expensive.


They have an app now called bud labs I have never seen those ratios the base nutrient are 1ml each for seedlings. I have been using them exclusively for since I started 3+ years ago!
The bases should always be equal amounts

This is the recipe for week one at 32L water nite the bases are equal


Yea I have the app, but I’ve seen contradicting info in terms of when to start feeding plants. Thanks for your advice guys! Your the beat. I’ll start with half dose and work my way up from what the app says.

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This is because it’s subjective to media you’re growing in. An amended soil shouldn’t need nutrients for several weeks as opposed to something like coco will need nutrients immediately.


All these guys have you on the right path. Im using promix mp organik for my next few grows, but im cooking it for 45 days with all kinds of goodies mixed in.

Thanks for the reassurance guys much love :pray: :heart:

What kind of goodies are baked in?

Is that a soiless grow like mine?

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That might be why I see my plants turning abit off yellowish rather than green like they were a couple days ago.

Ill update pics later tonight. Ill start with the budapps recommendations and go from there. I hope you guys will tag along and see all the updates through this journey. Hopefully get some good great white shark buds coming in the next couple months. Ill be following your latest grows too. Feel free to link it to me.


Im cooking super soil…


Wow that lookd like a huge job haha.
I hope your posting your processes and a grow journal?

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Here ya go :slight_smile:

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Happy Birthday! I don’t see any bio-live in there, it’s one of my favorite organic products.

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Thanks for the share, ill tag a long.
Update, i took your guys advice and gave the little sharks a full dose according to the buds application dosing.

They were looking pale green/yellowish. Probably needed those nutes badly! :laughing:
Ill check on them tonight after work and see if it gave them there green back! Phd to 6.0 as usual.

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