First grow potential problem

these 3 leaves are looking a bit lighter or dusty. The plant was transplanted to a 2 gallon bag yesterday and hasn’t grown noticeably in 24 hours. Some leaves are curling up at the edges. The top left one has slight yellow or brown. I suspected too much light but it’s already 13,000 lux or about 333 ppfd so it should be low enough. It’s not overwatered for sure.

plant numbers

Age: 19 days

strain: girl scout crack

Medium: started in solo cup of miracle gro potting soil. Transplanted to happy frog in a 2 gallon pot.

ppfd: 333

Light: Led full spectrum red blue white yellow ultraviolet and infrared.

Ph: around 6.5 in the runoff.

nutes: whatever was in the miracle gro after. sifted it fine and soaked it in a gallon of water for an hour. The runoff is 800ppm higher than the water I put in.

Temperature: 80-82 degrees

Relative humidity: 55%

Air flow: small fan aimed at plant and an air filter with a 7 stage hepa filter rated for a small apartment.

*Grow space: walk in closet

could this be powdery mildew? A deficiency? Just dust? Light burn? Nutrient burn? Any ideas?

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Not totally sure of your issue, but for sure don’t point fan directly a the babies and don’t use MG for any phase. It has crap in it that will over power seedlings. Probably why your runoff is so much higher than input.

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It is a very very small fan. The plant barely wiggles. Will that be okay? Ik mg is bad, but i saw people saying dont overthink it just start with what you have. So i just started with that.


That plant looks very healthy. No growth after a transplant happens sometimes. Give it another couple days and watch for growth to resume.

Hard to say what or if there is a problem with those leaves. Some just look a bit odd or different, especially younger plants.

Good work so far!


I’ve grown with miracle grow… Ended up with bad gnat issues every time.

I’d recommend Roots Organics Original for your next grow. With Jack’s 321 it’s magic for reefer.

Have you checked under the leaves in those areas?

If not a bug of sorts… I’d suspect it’s a genetic thing.

Do you have a quantum sensor or use the Photone app to check your light?

Use the recommended height above canopy from the lights manufacturer… Then adjust it’s brightness to the proper DLI and PPFD.

Looks good!

Is that diatomaceous earth… Gnat issues?

Under the leaves is normal. I have a lux meter and the spectrum the light uses. I use a calculator. Its an led full spectrum light at 13000 lux. The white stuff is a thin layer of extra perlite. Im experimenting with using it to reflect extra light to the plant. And using it as a mulch. Couldnt find info about it online so i figured why not try it

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Try not to over think and go to hard. Let the baby devolp at her own pace ( autos will anyway). Over all don’t look bad at all. Maybe just adjusting right now. Let her leaves come in more and if you see any MAJOR issues then figure it out. But don’t let the little stuff bug ya

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I don’t think it’s just MG with gnat issues, anything from Walmart or places like that sit in the rain gear round and grow bug and bacteria


@Alldogsfamily Hadn’t thought about it that way…

Do these pics show anything? One has the white stuff and one is clean

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I am by far no expert, but I don’t see much on those leaves. I see one small brown circle, but assume it’s probably dirt. Below are a few photos and a super great webpage that helped me understand maceo and micro and nutrition as a whole and the effects of it. Hope it may shine some light your way as well!

Ignore the Canadian part,lol. The info is the same indoors

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Hey was just thinking… did you mist water the leaves? Possible water light burn. Or possibly powered mildew if overly humid? Or possibly pests. Try to do process of elimination with easy stuff. It really does not look that baas what I can see. But just trying to cover bases.


Yeah, i did mist the leaves yesterday. I got dirt on them during transplant. I thought i brushed the big dropplets off. Can little dropletts do that too?

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@Cameronchapman They look fine…
What are your temp and humidity?

Try to shoot for 80F & 60ish humidity… They are in early veg they should… Grow like weeds.

Good luck!

Yes a little bit of mist in leaves or watering with lights on can cause leaf spots. I always try to water right before lights on or within the hour afterwards. Personally with autos the hour after has worked fantastic for me. They get to nap the night away with good drink, a full belly of nutrients and a nice evening temperature. It’s the nights I prefer too! Please remember to have at least 1 fan on all the times and not cycling with your timer. My 24 fan does exhaust and creates a good negative pressure in my tent making sure good air flow. I keep only 1 tent viewing flap open and tightly Velcro the 3 others during the night with the exhaust blowing out, it creates a really good quality of fresh air being drawn into tent by the negative pressure of the exhaust and closed flaps. I use the bottom flaps and exhaust fan on top of tent.

I never “see” growth after transplant, for a few days.
I am sure the growth is in the roots, not leaves, until the roots can support leaf and plant growth. I have some that are still in shock after a month. She is still small, still alive, and I am still waiting to see growth, before I abandon hope.

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Dude! That’s the best cheater sheet I’ve seen yet. Thanks.

@Cameronchapman Something you might think about looking into is the difference between LUX/Lumens and PAR(PPF and PPFD). If you can read my handwriting, ooops, here are to photos of the notes I recently found that helped me to understand the difference. If you can’t read my writing I am sorry then.

Remember, young plants alternate between leaf growth and root growth. They sometimes look like they’re stalling, but the roots are growing wide open, then the plant growth will take off again.