[Support Ticket] Purple Leaves

Throughout the end of last year / recently I’ve started quite a few seedlings. They either run into problems or their growth ends up super stunted.

I started these seeds on 2/9 and now I’m noticing downward curling leaves with purple bottoms, which is what happened with the plant I’ve got that’s completely stalled out on me.

This is getting frustrating and I don’t know what to do to correct things. It’s clearly something I’m doing.

Strain; Two Strawberry Cough, 1 White Widow. Both from ILGM

Soil in pots, pure happy frog

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? Water tests at 6.5 – 6.7

What is strength of nutrient mix? No nutes as of yet

Indoor or Outdoor, INDOOR grow

Light system, size? SP4000

Temps; Day / Night – 70 – 75 degrees f

Humidity; 60%

Ventilation system; Yes, oscillating fan and AC exhaust

Heater, Humidifier

Co2; No

At this point the only thing I can think of is I’ve been using distilled / spring water. I’ve got nothing else.

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Those look pretty healthy to me, and all of your ticket info looks fine. You’ve had others on the same track that haven’t made it?

Leaves that curl down often do so for one of 2 reasons. Too much light or too much water.


I appreciate the input. It’s likely too much water. I’ve had plants on the same track, they don’t die but they don’t really grow either lol. I’m worried it’s the Happy Frog, and my use of distilled water.

I recently read on this forum that distilled water with peat based soil can cause things to turn too alkaline.

My first run with happy frog. The nursery I got it from said the nutes would be good for 2-4 weeks. Then I should start thinking of feeding nutrients. You are closing in on 2 weeks and looks like you filled half the solo cup up. I’d say it might be wanting transplanted out into fresh soil and bigger pot. 2 weeks after that, start nutes.


I appreciate it!

Also have read that you can’t ph plain distilled water? Have to add nutes to be able to adjust ph

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I’m not sure. I’ve been getting stable readings and using ph up / down. I’m going to ph my tap water from here on out. I plan on letting it sit out for 24 hours each time.

So at this point

1.) Water less
2.) Tap water
3.) Transplant to bigger pots


I use both distilled water and Happy Frog and have successful grows. My experience with peat is the opposite. I’ve added peat to Happy Frog as an amendment and it has seemed that, as it decomposes, that it lowers pH and creates a more acidic soil.

Distilled, without nutes, is very hard to pH. I would feed straight distilled for the first 4 weeks from your last transplant before adding nutes. Once you add nutes be sure to add nutes first and then adjust pH. Nutrients will drastically lower the pH of your water regardless of what type of water you are using.


Put a dome over the seedling and only spray the inside of the dome twice per day. Plants this size acquire most of their moisture through the leaves and not the roots.

I would not feed until the plant shows signs of a def.


I’d fill those cups up with more soil before planting your seeds. Your plants are growing “inside” the cup.
Stems and leaves should be above the cup rim.

Cut holes in the bottom for drainage and air flow too.