First grow need advices

Hi this my first grow and I need some advices.
I have a 100ft² room and I want to know how many WW feminized plants I can grow .
I want to know how many lamps and lights every power we need to be and the program scheledue
Thanks !

is the room 10x10 5x20 are you using soil or growing hydro? do you plan on training plants SOG SCROG how tall is the room? this all factors in lights plant space ventilation

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The room its like 10x10 and about what im using i dont know i think soil what you thik its more easier ?

Do you think it will be more easier to me to try autos? And if yes will be the same productive on the same room?

well if you’ve never grown before soil is easier

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Auto’s are not recommended for new growers even experienced growers find them challenging


As for lighting I would use 4 1000w HID’s giving an 8x8 foot print leaving space to comfortably move around plants. Depending on how you plan to grow size of pots and strain you could have anything from 4 plants per light to 9 per light. You do need to factor the rooms wiring since each light basically needs it’s own breaker and you will need ventilation as well

Ok thank you ! And how should i try whit the light 18/6 or 20/4? And the ventilation i have to keep on all the time?

you will need to adjust ventilation to keep temperature under control in theory air in the room should be exchanged every 4 minutes pulling in fresh air and exhausting hot air. As for lighting schedules 18/6 veg and air should be flowing all the time

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Strongly suggest downloading Robert’s grow book and starting there. Has a LOT of good info to use. Since you are just starting, develop good habits from the start.

Setting up the room right at the start will save a bunch of headaches down the line. There are also is a lot of good information in nutrients in the forum. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, but a good knowledge base from a e-book, like Robert’s, is a great start.

Good luck with your grow.

Jerry “TxGrowman”

Do u have any grow journals, im s beginner , and I need to kno everything from seed to smoke

It’s plenty of journals throughout the thread , this is where the work starts in growing as a beginner is to do a lot of reading , there is no short cuts to growing . But unequipped , lack of basic knowledge and over anxious beginners like every single member on this forum can tell you , "the most important part of growing is reading " , if you don’t have patient for reading , than you gone have plenty of headaches in growing . Download Robert free growing bible , Google tons of YouTube videos on Icemud , nugbuckets , and many others , ahhh 420 , greenhouse , lots of info , but the best of them all is right here on one of my favorite places is "ILGM " !!!


What works for me may not work for you there is no cut and dried 1 way to grow best advice I have is study everything you can so you know what will work for you. I spend 2-3hrs with my plants on average every day and probably more than that researching what’s new what others are doing reading old and new posts here. Answering questions and researching issues for other people always trying to learn more ways to prevent problems improve yields and speed growth :slight_smile: Journals are useful but only as a comparison for 1 strain and one style of growing because a journal rarely includes the why a person is using certain nutes or how they set up their space picked the strain, so much is left out.

Thanks donaldj ,I appreciate the words of wisdom, im goin to try to grow hydroponics method, I have been reading up on it so much, and I was looking at sea of green method, and I really like that, I also enjoy all the greatness that is in the threDs here

you’ve been lurking on threads for months I’m sure you’ve done some homework and will be fine, sea of green is a nice simple starting grow style just don’t over veg remember plants stretch or you will run out of space fast :wink:

Lol, right I have been lurking, I just wanna make the Decisions, I am goin to go hydro and suggestions , someone tild me bubble boy 1000 watts, something , I have it all in my notes , and I also was yold to griw wonderwomen and diesel, I was reading that simeone grew, 2 plants yielded a crazy amount, so im thinkn bout trying that out, I will c but if u have and journals ,also fine, what confuses me about sea of green, it seems like u will run out of space,from keep cloning,lol, I want a lot of plants lol. @donaldj

Sea of Green is simply a lot of small to mid sized plants fast flipped so very short veg and small compact plants some go so far as to trim all but single top 3-4 week veg then flower. The trick to Sea of green is a couple good mother plants you work from rooted clones, if you know flowering will take 8-10 weeks you cut new clones 3 weeks in by the time you are done flowering they are ready to go. Though not sure what you have for space or if 2 rooms are an option?

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I basically have a entire house I can use, not sure if I have the money, to fix it up, if located near me come help,lol, laughing but serious, sea of green not good for me then, I want some great yields, not sure if it will get me good yields , but idk, I want the cash flow, and able to help my pops , get his sleeping medicine, he has cancer , he enjoys his top papers lol