HELPPPPPP! My are dying!babies

I have ruined over a dozen plants with over watering and bad lighting. Please tell me exactly what lighting would be the most beneficial for 100 square foot grow room. HELP!!!

What is the length and with ? Stop over watering , what is your germinating method what soil good drainage?


What is the dimensions that you’re trying to cover?

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The room is 8Ă—10

I used paper towel method for germ, growing in CC

Lighting 80 square foot of space is spendy. Are you growing in the entire space?
How many plants?


I only have seedlings now, 6 cal dream, but have no way to close off space in room

Should I put outside? Pretty cloudy here in TX lately

Your best course is to find a way to partition off an area to grow in and light that.
Lighting 80 to 100 square feet will cost a bundle.
Even a simple solution like stretching a clothes line and hanging some white sheets to reflect light would be better. If you do an 8x3 area then you are lighting 24 square feet with good reflectivity.

Outside is fine. Plenty of light even on cloudy days.

Sounds doable, any particular bulb recommended? My lighting is wall mounted, should it be directly over plants?

Something like this.
You could get by with 3 but 4 would be better. For an 8 x 3 space.
Other growers may have a better idea…
Lights are your biggest expense but you will be sorry if you skimp on them.
You might want to cut down the area and just grow 1 or two to start with.

You might be better off to look into grow tents and single lighting sources.
Can you grow outside?

I used to make custom tents using Panda film (black one side white the other) by using 2x4s and wrapping the film around them. To create an enclosed area, then add a double sided tape zipper and cut the film and install the zipper… boom a tent. Can cut vent holds its screens in bottom and exhaust hole in top/top side for heat and filter vent. Could also look into CFL hanging lights 4-8 bulb T5 lights with the 3k 5k bulbs will cover a large area and not create as much heat as MH/HPS systems.


Shouldn’t put it outside of you are in Texas -.-

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100 square feet?? That’s a big grow room. You don’t need to light that whole area. How many plants are you wanting to do? Let’s have pictures they help alot

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