HELPPPPPP! My are dying!babies

I say this alot to first time growers…Keep it simple. Why not just try one or two plants enjoy it learn from it and progress from there. We want you to have success and going big before you have the experience will only set you up for failure. No sense in buying all sorts of lights, fans, and such until we can get you a slild start. Let’s start from the beginning @Gracie01

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Ima be keeping a look out see if a neighbor pulls out a plant , would be so happy :grin: to have a grower near

If it were me I would start and just grow some plants in soil, all the nutrients and this and that might become overwhelming and SUPER EXPENSIVE

I start under a fluorescent light but they have to be very close to light and watch close so they don’t get too dry. That frees up my other space to veg in 1 room and flower in another. I’ll tag you into my journal if you want to see.

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@Gracie01 I totally agree with @IslandGrown76 ,remember it’s supposed to be fun cause we love growing marijuana. You should see my first journal of freaking out and I was doing to myself. I’ll tag you into my first journal it’s good info and good laughs at me. :crazy_face::crazy_face::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


If you use happy Frog potting soil you won’t need nutes till flower time it’s full of good stuff. I order it from Walmart and I get free shipping and its delivered to door. 2 cubic feet just under $40 then mix almost 1/3 of your container with perlite or I’m switching to rice hulls much easier to use. I haven’t ordered that yet. Just relax and have fun if you mess up drop another seed. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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We all having a blast don’t pay to much attention to me I’m doing good :relieved: thank you anyhow, info might help new growers reading trough

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This is what I ended up with. Thank you all for advice, will keep you updated :blush:

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:rofl:A huge thanks for the reminders about keeping it fun! I was starting to get a little frustrated :hugs::blush:


I would advised to look into HLG lights

You have a grow journal going ?

Buy 4 HPS lights with air cooled hoods. They are inexpensive. After your first run start upgrading the lights. If you want to section off part of the room use Panda film and some 1x1s for support. It’s very easy to upgrade as you go.

You should consider getting an HPS light and then upgrading after your harvest. That LED light will not give you the results you are after.

300w is only enough for a 3x3 or 2x4 for flowering. Also the numbers don’t add up to lead me to believe they are high efficacy LED either. I use something similair for propagation but beyond that it’s basically useless.

You need great lights , Combined my two favorite soil , pop seed and just add water . Water around when it’s young . Or just spritz it with water . Tap water fine to . I used tap water . Never water the leaves . Just the base . This is my 3rd year growing . So far so good with this ingredients, btw great airflow to . Good luck !


Looking good bro , some nice looking plants ,this is my first year so getting there

Cancelled other order. This is 1000 watt HPS/MH. Better?

You really need 4K . I bought the 1k and plants look sleepy . Changed my lighting the mf’er gave me a high five . Little pricey but you get the best fir your girls right ? Oh and reflectors Amazon has a big roll fir 20 bucks .but if you get results who cares !

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Please tag me in any helpful journals. Y’all are priceless

Before you buy any light I would recommend looking into HLG , those lights generate a lot of heat I would only consider this light if I’m in a colder climate since it will help with the colder temps