First grow , how do trichomes look. Have to harvest anyway as I think has root rot

So was going to ask if I should wait a little longer. The trichomes look nice a foggy to me. Was going to wait until I saw some amber trichomes but the plant decided to be harvested. We to gently move it by the trunk to slightly reposition as it looked like it was leaning . Heard some of the roots rip. Looks like I was getting root rot which would make sense with the high pH I had to keep messing with and ppm were staying the same

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I think I would give it another week. However if it starts to wilt over the entire plant then Chop it immediately. Root rot will cause the entire top to die off quickly. It wont be just a couple leaves if that happens, it will be everything wilting at once. If that happens then harvest it. It wont ruin the harvest if that happens, it just wont be feeding the top anymore once the roots die.
Looks good to me overall.

This is root rot caused. This happens very fast. But you are far enough along that it wont hurt if it happens.