First Grow- Hot Donna Bagseed

Growing in a DIY mini box: 26’‘X 28’'X15".
Currently using 80w 2ft Shop light until I add some LED side lighting panels I made from a 2X4. Temporarily using Mg Organic performance potting mix until transplant into bigger pot. Currently in a solo cup, using RO water.


Welcome to ILGM forum. Good luck with your project.

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What did u make the mini box out of?

Update: Day-33/wk4.
Definitely a learning experience to say the least. The MG Organic “potting mix” had VERY poor drainage, which caused stunted growth. FINALLY got a good sized bag of ff Ocean Forrest & bag of perlite. Transplanted 5/15 into new soil & 1Gal ice cream bucket right before lights out.
No signs of shock at all from what I can tell, I hope what I’m seeing is the stalk getting thicker/bigger(notice the split like tear on the stalk in 1st Pic)