First grow. Hoping for some advice along the way from some experienced growmies!

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Is there drainage holes in the pots? Is there something in the bottoms of the pots like rocks or hydroton or big perlite?

There are drainage holes in the bottom, none of the rest of it. Just FFHF soil.

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Tough call without being there… sounds like a drainage/airflow problem. Maybe drill a bunch of holes up a bit higher? If I’m hearing you right the pots havnt been watered in a while but are still holding moisture…

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This is correct. When I overwatered the other side I drilled a lot of holes in the pots to help air it out. Guess I should do the same with these ones.

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good morning :dash:
I didnt see it mentioned but can or did you jack them up a foot off the floor, into the warmer air and so air blows under and around the pots too.

They are not off the floor but I have two 3’ high oscillating fans in the tent as well.

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My floor is quite cold, not everybody’s I guess but I tried to gain every little advantage I could for drying

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So I’ve got more dead leaves resurfacing. Is it okay to chop them off? I assume as long as they’re dead it’s not hurting the plant to take them off even if it’s a short time after trimming them. Thoughts?

How dead, any green at all I would leave it do some breathing, traspiration or whatever, and gathering energy. Completely yellow and or brown yeah remove. Except for pruning for shape, I don’t like to remove any, only if it’s been touching soil, or completely yellow with brown, or blocking light.


Any idea what is up with that?

Did you ever drill holes in the bottom?

I did. This one has recovered very well from the overwatering and then today it looked like this.

Alright guys idk what is happening. About 8 weeks in and I’m losing more each week. I water when they are completely dry, water until a slight overflow, I used the recommended nutrients at 1/4 the strength for 2 weeks but it was seemingly killing them so I switched back to just regular 6.5 ph water. I feel that I just wasted a shitload of money and I’m out of ideas as to why they keep dying.

They look very hungry as they appear to be feeding off the leaves.

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I dunno but I’m goin back in the post to see what all they been through and get a refresher :face_with_monocle: Not far to go, lets hope them buds finish

I don’t think you have a good handle on necessary watering and feeding practices. In every picture here your pots look extremely dry, but you’re talking about overwatering? You can’t overwater plants in a single instance unless maybe they are seedings in a ridiculously sized container. Where this becomes a problem is constantly flooding pots and cutting off oxygen to roots for long periods of time. You could literally water these to the point of having a gallon of runoff, as long as pot was allowed to dry some before watering again you should be fine if your environmentals are reasonable.

Also not sure if you were feeding enough?

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Maybe I was under feeding. The first time I gave them nutes I had a hand full of plants die within a couple days afterwards. So I thought maybe they didn’t need the bites yet. Now I’m just losing plants left and right

What do ya do with the runoff. I havent used soil bags indoors so dunno how fast water leaves them.
I don’t think a quarter-serving of nutes could hurt a plant but I’m just learning how to use nutes now. Just lost a grow of 4. Not in the best postion to give suggestions :poop:

I have a large tote that I dump all the runoff into. How about you other guys? Do you think I need to be giving them more nutes? This is nowhere near as easy as it’s supposed to be.