First grow ever! ILGM Blue Dream Fem daily pics

I will be doing daily updates of my Blue Dream fem grow. I am currently at day 17 since 12/12 and will try to post new pics daily.

3 gallon pot
Fox farm trio nutes
Moved outdoors for 10-12 hours direct sun daily weather permitting. Back inside at night
PH unknown
I soaked coco in calmag and flushed before planting

Hopefully she stays healthy until harvest.


Very nice. You should have potted up first. I bet if you would’ve went 7 gallon + you’d of had a big, healthy plant

Thought about it. This thing is already getting squeezed in my grow tent. I don’t have to much loot at the moment for a great light so am trying to use the sun as much as possible. Otherwise I would’ve tried the ScrOG method

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Day 18 of 12/12


overall she looks great. keep it going

Day 19 of 12/12

So far so good!

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That’s a perty one right there son!

She’s a beautiful plant nice color no burn first grow you should be proud.:+1::+1::100:

Thanks! It’s been a lot of fun so far.

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I am hopefully I get a decent yield!

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I got 4oz of my first single plant. Your looking good keep it in the outside sun amap.

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Can anyone tell me how long bud will keep if stored properly? My only goal is personal. And hopefully can have it last as long as possible until I grow another one. If all goes well that is with this one.

I wanna grow that strain. Its a big growing plant

Yeah I definitely had to keep it in check. Prohibition grow and want to keep it as short as possible. Here is a pic of how I had when I flipped.

The stretch is starting to slow down thankfully lol.

By keeping it outdoors in the wind the stem got almost as thick as a quarter. I vegged for about 6 weeks.

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Dried and cured properly and put in mason jars long time. Too long it’ll be gone around here quick​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::muscle:

I’m the only one who smoke in my house and basically just a few one hits these days in the evening. So four zips would last me a long time lol


Its nice and level out too. I here u on the prohibition part 2

Tag me so i can follow along


I think this is how it’s done

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Yeah now i can set to watching.