First Grow Equipment List Help Please!

Check me , please. What am I missing? I am going to use fans and other ventilation in lieu of a complete vent kit atm. All input welcome.

Cannabis Grow Equipment

Light ViparSpectra P2000 LED (200 W Draw) 129.99
Tent Vivosun 2 X 4 X 5 84.79
Seeds 5 Northern lights/10 Borderline AMS 103.00
Bags 5 2 Gallon SEMOTH Grow Bags 6.71
Coir 2.5 cu. ft. Hydro Crunch (flushed myself) 14.99
Nutrients General Hydroponics Flora Series (3 qts) 35.84
Fan AmazonBasics 7in 3 speed Air Circulator 11.21
Light Timer Broadlink Smart Plug 7.99
pH/Light/Moisture SURENSHY 3-in-1 Soil Tester 9.99
Ducting 6 in Vivosun 8 feet w/clamps 8.71


TOTAL 413.22
Surge Protector Had It
Remote Therm/Hygro Homdox. Calibrated Had It
Pot Saucers 4 Had Them
Pot Trivets 4 Had Them
Measuring Tape Had It
Measuring Spoons Had Them
Soil-Less Mix ingredients Had Them
Notebook Diary Had It
Watering: Gallon Jug Had It
Cloths/ Towels (Cleanup) Had Them
Small Wastebasket (Runoff) Had It
Extra Carabiner (Hanging Light) Had It
Neem Oil Had It
DE & Dry Sprayer Had It
SCROG Net: 2x3 vinyl wire fencing @ 2’ X 4’ w/ zip-ties Had It


Soil-Less Mix

2 Parts Coir (Washed)
1 Part Perlite
1 Part Worm Castings
For every gallon of mix, add 2 TBS Espoma Garden Lime (has Cal and Mag)

Initial mix: 10 Gallons


First Grow

1 Northern Lights and 1 Borderliner (both feminized)


I got my seeds two days ago, so elected for shotglass. after 36 hours, no tail. they both had a drop of H2O2. So yesterday I turned my light on and put clear plastic bags over grow sacks. Today temp and humidity are 81F and 86rH under bag. I got a little concerned that no changes had shown up on seeds. They weren’t in the grow tent, just in ambient temp in the room. But I know that in the grow tent, in the sacks, those are optimum conditions for temp and humidity. So I made a little hole in the soil in each growsack and now they are planted. The light is making nice heat! And the little bit of plastic over grow bags is super humidity for sure. All input welcome! I just didn’t want to fiddle with the seeds anymore…

Hi and welcome to the community. the one thing that stcks out most to me is the Ph/light /moisture meter they are worthless and with G.H nutes you will need a PH meter the Apera PH20 does a good job you will also need a ppm meter. general hydropontics has a good site listing week to week nutes.good luck

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Ordered the Apera . thanks! have seen that. the other will be returned. I need a pH meter for cheesemaking anyway. lol. true. got the week to week nutes on a spreadsheet also, will double check the site for accuracy… appreciate it!


You will want to buy electrode storage solution for the PH meter.

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Welcome to the family! Something you won’t see unless you read the Apera 20 operations guide. They recommend storing the probe in the pH 3 solution - unless that has changed since I bought mine a year ago.

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thank you both

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I have the apera and never store in a solution and I have never had a problem with accuracy.


@Edgewater21 Awesome to hear. Old lab rat here. Had to store the $200 probe in the vendor’s solution or warranty was voided. Hard to break old habits.


Welcome to the community and good luck with your girls!

Get the storage solution for meter, you’ll want it. Vipar p2000 is a little small for 2x4, but you can make do with it for now. Also not familiar with exhaust fan, hopefully will do what you need it to.


Good luck with ur grow i hope the best with it every thing seems to be in order ,i will let u in on something dont over think ur grow seriously cause u will end up micro managing it and you will end up making mistakes if u make to complicated you will get over whelmed with it ,so just relax take a deep breath and use the k.i.s.s method on that note i wish u all the best in ur journey of growing and can u tag me i would like to follow ur grow

Welcome to the community! Happy growing :blush::v:

Hey I’m new to site and needing advice how can I message u a question? I’ve read several of ur posts and am hoping u can help me as I’m first time grower. Thx.

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HI, Peter, I am new here also…and new to growing…

I am first time grower, I will be starting a 2x4 grow tent with 2 plants in hydro system. I know this might be dumb question but can u help me with a a to z list of everything I would need. Any info and advice will help

sounds like same new setup at same time :). Hope the list I originally posted above may help you. It was most everything I could think of.

Ok thx, also I will be growing in my apartment closet my closet 7ft by 6ft so my 2x4 tent fit with room, wat would u suggest for the odor control system.

From the Apera PH20 user manual about storage:

Do not store probe in distilled water or deionized water because they will
cause damage to the glass membrane of the pH probe. The probe should
be stored in 3M KCL solution for best accuracy or stored without any

This is what I use (as recommended by Apera):

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if in closet (I ALMOST did that) make sure you can access all the vents and openings. That is why mine is not in a closet. butyours should give you some room. As for odor, I am not worrying about that, but most setups use an inline carbon filter in the ducting system…