First Grow Blueberry Atuo Tips / Feedback

Hey Everyone!

Looking for some pointers on what maybe be going wrong or right.

First grow here… day 21 on the dot growing “Blueberry Auto” from Herbies. Growing outdoors in MD in fox farm happy frog with fox farm nutes. Started with 1/3 strength nutes week 2. It’s been around 80 during the day here then running 60’s at night. Been watering about 4 cups of water every 2/3 days

Started with three plants now down to 2… maybe one and a half.

Plant 1 looks fairly healthy IMO… any thoughts? Is the growth along with expectations?

Plant 2 was my best but is now looking whacky… it did a little “self LST” pretty much laying completely over after hitting 6 inch ballpark. Now has some spiraling leafs and maybe started flowering? Is this one done for?


Looks good to me. Just keep
An eye on new and old growth!

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I have a detailed blueberry auto grow on here. Awesome strain.

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@Fieldofdreams is from your area and grows some outdoors :love_you_gesture:


Howdy neighbor!! You could go full saturation on those cloth bags and then wait for a complete dry, the FF soils typically have enough nutes to last the first 4-6 wks easy so some of the leaf behavior may be related to overages. Remember the bags dry out and get hot since they’re above ground level so full sun may require more watering than an indoor grow. Full sun all day? How’d you lose your 3rd plant?

Thanks @OGIncognito , not many Md’ers post here lol. Now VA is a totally different story, buncha stoners over there :point_right: lol!!


Hey! @Fieldofdreams … thanks for joining in.

I can get full sun from 9am to about 7pm ball park. I’ve been noticing they dry out fairly quickly but haven’t been wanting to over water. We got a storm here last night so they got a solid no nutrient watering.

3rd plant and part of #2 went down from one of my dogs nibbling on it. Was trying to get them some extra sun and didn’t think about him being tempted to have a taste :roll_eyes:

I’ve been stepping up from 300 to 350 on the ppm for grow big fert. Think I take a step back and only use that once or twice a week? It’s gonna get hot here so starting to think I may need to water near daily.

Thoughts on plant #2? Is that early flowering from stress of being knocked over some how?

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@Fieldofdreams plant #1 got about an inch of growth overnight so feelin like that one is finally starting to stretch out

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I think they look good!
Welcome to the forum!


@Fieldofdreams just did a big water and measured runoff at 1700ppm… you’re right I’m way high on nutes. Thanks for the tip!

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Welcome to Club Canna!! Glad to see another MD’er!!