Blueberry auto grow

Hello new to the forum not sure if I’m doing it right, but anyway I’ve got 4 bb autos going, 1st auto grow, 14 days above ground, anything look out of wack with my autos?



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Not an auto grower but looks great so far. Welcome to the forum.

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Thanks, Figuring out how to navigate around
12x12X10 Grow space
Berger Bm6 Soil
5gal Fabric
HLG 650r 18/6 running about 3/4 power 48in(dimmer knob clicks)
Fox Farm Trio Nutes half recommended dose ATM
4in in-line exhausting, 4in inlet

Keep up the good work mate lookin good for 2 weeks might need a tiny smidge more light ( like maybe 1 or 2 inches closer or a very small turn higher) but other then that perfect

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Ty bud, lowered light 2in, will keep updated on here

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Looks good.

20days above ground lost power yesterday, temps with only heater running for 12 hrs low 40s, girls bounced back was looking rough this morning, #1 and 2 fed 2.5 cups on AM 26th FF 1/2 Dose
#3 and 4 fed 1.5 cups on AM 26th FF 1/2 dose

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@GreenSnek, @Hellraiser, @anon86641082, any thoughts of what’s causing this only one plant is doing it

How much , how often ,and the ph of water given ? Also what’s your medium ?My guess is overwatering

Roughly 2 cups of 6.45ph filtered with 5ml of Ff grow big mixed in a gal, roughly 82 hrs between last water, I exposed the damper soil bout inch down to see if it will perk up, medium is Berger bm-6

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@GreenSnek this is first grow with Berger, all I could get in my neck of the woods this tim of year

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Found it its peat moss based so you want water phed at 5.8-6 and its better to fully drench then fully dry out (so your roots get oxygen)at about 1/2 gallon per pot then wait 5-6 days between watering

@GreenSnek ty bud, I’ll try it, should I go ahead and soak em now or wait couple days and let dry up some

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Pick up the pot if it’s got heft leave it a day or 2 if it’s super light soak emm if this doesn’t fix it run a full gallon through them in a week or 2 just in case you have salt build up

Ok appreciate the input, hopefully the Berger works out, way cheaper than FF, easy to get around here, I’ll keep updated

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As long as you re dialed in and pay attention to your grow they’ll do great this is my current grow in a medium almost identical to that (except organically)


Noice, bout there