First grow; bag seed (Dead Head OG, Chem Dawg, 2 Blue Dreams)

Hello everybody. I love this community because I’ve gotten so much feedback already, so I thought it’d be best to start a grow journal. So I have 4 plants in a 250 watt grow tent (I will leave a link to show what setup I have.) They are bag seeds for this first grow. I wanna learn as much as possible before I buy seeds. I had them in 3 gallon bags half way full and when they were in the soil for 3 weeks I transplanted into 5 gallon fabric pots and gave them their first nutes. The chem dawg had been looking kind of droopy for about a week so hopefully she perks up and gets happier with more room to grow.

As far as my setup the only thing I’ve bought outside of the complete setup is a 4 inch inline fan and a 6inch clip on fan and an 8 inch fan both for inside the tent.![|280x500](upload://4HQA2c7ePtstpwXbqISRWWDJcxT.jpg)

Same blue dream plant

2 pics of the Dead Head of

2 pics of the Cgem Dawg. She is the one Im worried about. You can see her droopy leaves and a couple leaves have some yellow spots

Last but not least the 2nd blue dream. Sorry about the pics but I’ll post some every week

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The last picture looks like the plant is stretching some for more light. How far are your lights? they look ok to me. The drooping might be over watering? Or under watering, both have the same effect.

Sorry it took forever to upload the pics. I did a top view and a side view from each plant. But the light is about 15 inches from the top of the plants.
Also, any suggestion on when to start lst?

Mainline them bitches! I just finished my first go at it and Im fairly pleased with the results.

this is the link to Mainlining if you don’t already know what this technique is.

It’s a form of HST i believe. But it worked out great and your plants look just about big enough to start. I started mine between the 5th and 6th nodes. Check out my grow at Unknown strain grow journal - #82 by garrigan62

If I had the space I would have done two or three plants. Good luck!

Hello there Mrs. Tito15
Ya I agree with all and I just started the mainling with my OG Krush and Northern Light and Super Skunk. At the 5th node. Here is a pic of my OG Irish and Northern Light that I Mainline at the 5th node 1st is NL

You see where I sniped it.
And this on the OG is what happens. She splits off two more tops.

This is what hydrogeens is talking about.
Hope this helps

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Good job buddy, they are gonna be growing faster than you realize. You’ll be getting ready for the next cut in a matter of days. Hey will, start a grow journal so we can all watch your progress.

I will, I’ll start one in the indoor grow Rom.
And ya it’s amazing how fast. It grew it like that. And thanks for the nice words hydrogree .

B Sae

Blue dream

Dead head OG

2nd Blue Dream

Chem Dawg she is the one that was sick. She’s doing much better now. I flushed her because I believe it was nute lock. They just turned 4 weeks on Friday.

I also just started to lst 2. The bigger blue dream and the chem dawg.

Blue dream

2nd blue dream

Dead head

This last picture is the chem dawg that was sick. I think she’s doing really well. I have some questions about how to tell the sex because on Friday they will be 6 weeks old and I’ve heard they might start showing sex soon. Also any opinion on how I’m training these ladies? I’m using fishing line for the stem and then pipe cleaners or bread ties to move the big fan leaves to allow the new growth to grow. Thanks for the input :slight_smile:

They will start to show their sex when you flip the light schedule to 12/12
And then it will take a few more days for them to show flower.

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Couple close ups of my biggest blue dream

Thank you, I knew I’d be able to see during beggining of flowering but I had heard sometimes you can see a little earlier like late veg time. Have you tried glr by chance? That’s the schedule I chose for this first grow. But I know flowering time is different too with glr.

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Sorry but glr? Not sure what that means…sorry

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Sorry but I don’t buy into the glr because the simple fact that people say it mimics the suns lighting phase in fall but have you ever seen a day that was 12 darkness then 5.5 hours of light then 1 hour of darkness and then another 5.5 hours of light,sorry but that doesn’t happen here on earth


Gas lantern routine. A different lighting cycle

It’s 12 on then 5.5-1-5.5. It seems to be working well for my grow. The hour in the middle of the night is so that the plants dnt go into flower

Excuse me yes I did write that wrong but have you ever seen the sun come out at 2 or 3 in the morning for an hour and then go back down cause I havent,no where on this earth does this happen and there is no conclusive evidence for any benefit of this practice

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Sorry to burst everyones bubbles, but nothing changes unless you set the plant into bloom. Plants will sleep in the dark or light. Their growth pattern does not change, a plant can only produce so much foliage before needing to shut down and re-energize. So even at a 24/0, 20/4, 18/6, 16/8 light schedule, the plant will shut down and start up again once he/she is ready to wake back up. Again, thats’ once said plant has set a schedule for itself to survive. The only real time that we control a plant is when we feed or change the life cycle from Vegetative to Bloom. Outside of that all plants are living, they eat, breathe and grow at their own pace, not ours."

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