First grow a little nervous

White widow auto about 7 weeks in two questions grow room two crowded?and do my plants look healthy


Yes, and yes. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Will I get a better yield if I pull a plant?

What size is the room and how many plants are in it ?

i would not pull anything but i am a novice

As long as you have good air flow and everyone is getting plenty of light, leave them.

And welcome! You’re doing great! :+1:

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Basically a coat closet 24”x36” and I have 5 they all popped I did not expect all to pull through the tallest is 21” so they should not get much bigger

The most important thing is good airflow to prevent mold, so make sure you have a fan below the canopy. You’re doing a great job, nice plants.

5 seems like a lot for that size area . It will get crowded in there just spread them apart the best you can and give them good air flow and see what happens .

Come flowering, your closet is going to bust at the seems, for sure!

Thanks for the responses

I feel like 5 is too many. I have a 2×6 and
At end of veg only 3 barely fit and was over crowded. I started 4 and eventually gave weakest one away

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7 weeks in on auto? Forgive my inexperience; shouldn’t it be flowering by now?

Just realized it was an old post.