First grow 4 week auto with yellow spots i need help!

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First couple leaves are sometimes wonky. The spots could be water splashes. What soil? Have u tested ph going in?


I would say the dots are splashing when watering there is a little bit of nute burn on the tips but nothing to worry about all and all it looks great


Im using pride lands soil but have not yet tested the ph in the soil yet. I do test my water and feed them between 6.1 and 6.3.

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Ok cool thanks alot! Ill tone down the nutes a little and see if that helps. :+1:

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Welcome to the community Growmie. Soil PH is a little low. Shoot for the sweet spot of 6.5 to get optimum nutrient absorption :love_you_gesture:

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I was told to cut off the spotted leaves but by dping so it will stress the plant specialy be an autoflower. Should i leave them or cut them off?

Cut em off i did and she went on no issues

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I agree. I-2 leaves being snipped is no boogie. However, those leaves aren’t goners. They can still do their job.

:facepunch:Thanks ill try it and see what happens. The new leaves have a mustard stripe on a couple of them do you think its the same issue?

:+1: right on! Ill try it. Hurts so much to cut anything off lol

Yah i would take them off it wont stress them out that much its like a defoliation for them