First Good Cannabis Cola from a GDP grow

What do you think? It is looking very frosty to me. Can’t wait to harvest in a few weeks!


Lookin good. Won’t be long now :+1:

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It must of snowed in there…dayumm! Looks delicious…congrats


Any words of wisdom on growing GDP. It is next in line for me.

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Wow :star_struck: they look amazing … must smell sooooooo good

They get super bushy and both of mine are only 2 feet tall

Far from an expert on this. This is the first time growing cannabis. I used Happy Frog soil with worm casting, chicken manure, and #2 perlite. They went from 4 inch pots right to 7 gallon bags so I didn’t have to worry about stressing them. For veg I used Biothrive grow with every watering. For flower I used Biothrive bloom. Through out the process I used low stress training, as well as topping and fimming to increase bud sites. At the end of veg I used scrogging to increase the canopy. Liberal amount of lollipopping during flower.

This is the two plants from a week or so ago.

Appreciate the info. ILGM strain description is confusing. In its tabular summary it says it is compact. While the text says it can be 60" What you described in more of what I would expect.

Maybe 20 - 30"?

That sounds about right.

They smell “purple”!

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Another bud from the other plant taken with a real camera.

depending on the trichomes…suggest waiting 4 weeks would add much to the bulk and deepen the flavor…IF YOU CAN WAITstrong text** :grimacing:

Waiting till my digital microscope shows me cloudy Trichomes. I have the patience.