Grandaddy Purple @108 days

Well guy’s and Girl’s, I’m finally done with GDP. The beginning I had 3 5 gallon fabric pots the first 2, were hermi and a male so I pulled out quickly wiped down tent. So I have a very nice female she’s eating and I’m feeding her. So I went up on bloom to 10 ml, Bud candy also 10 ml, every thing was looking good. I’ve been glassing a lot small buds we’re getting big. So I rolled with that. What I couldn’t see were they were going looks like seeds. Dam wasting all this time, nutrients and ending up with this s**t all this time, I let her finish up turned lights off. What gets me trying to finish her but she still had some clear pistols and about 90% done I don’t know what else to do. All this time I wasted on what little bit of knowledge I know. From you tube, reading a lot. I am limited to advanced knowledge. I ordered blue berry autos. I have to have my pain management cannabis. I was in the service for 30 years enjoyed every minute. I was always working different countries. Anyway I injured my back in a Syria hostile environment. Hit a morphine pin finished job 4 surgery’s and 1 neck surgery I was disabled, anyway I’ve tried pain clinic didn’t want to get addicted so I was learning how to grow my own medicine and it worked now that’s all I need. So enough of me!!! I’m going too try my luck with blueberries autos I know I will need some help if someone would mentor me I would be grateful. Thank you ilgm

forum, I will be back but honestly will need help. Pain management is my only hope so I’m going to grow again gotta clean tent throughly and take a break I should have medicine until I need to grow again


Some fat buds you got there I hope they help with your issues.


Looking at your pics I am wondering about your grow setup.
Those colas look like they were grown under very intense lighting. Some foxtailing and shapes indicate too much light. While cannabis is a light hog, it can be overdone which makes getting a mature bud harder. I find GDP pretty easy to grow and usually a fast finisher 7 or 8 weeks is typical flowering times for the ones I have grown. Just harvested two last week after 8 weeks flower. No white pistils and all cloudy trichomes.


Hi, perhaps cut off some bud and give her a try, see if you can harvest now/very soon.


@Spiney_norman , the light is setup 12” from colos the first time every thing was finishing up smaller buds. I starved them once trying to get colos to finish, this time Wednesday was water now trichomes are cloudy some amber but the colos are finished I checked this morning, I’ve read where people use paper bags, I’m using a air conditioner @60 degrees. I’ll chop down tomorrow they are good and sticky. Tired of wasting time and money of female seeds and I have a s**r load of seeds purple kush female not touching that crap until I have time too waste 2 months to see if they are hermits or males and along 4 seeds didn’t germinate and support sent a new order. So I’m going with autos next grow got to clean tent really good before I grow. With autos at least I’m going too have some medicine


Next time try photo period. They give you more time to fix malfunctions. They are not as persnickity as autos. Just my 2 cents.