Grow This Second Grow

I started from a single tiger stripe seed handed to me over 2019 ingest. A dear friend I don’t see that often, (once every three years) grabbed my hand, opened it upward, placed a single seed, rolled my fingers up over it and said, “grow this.”

In March of 2022, I don’t know where I randomly came across this single seed, without airtight ziplock in a metal canister, rolling loose. The 20th day of March, I wet paper towel away and darkness. I almost forgot about it till the 24th. Somehow, I had put it with too much wet paper towel. For others before I may have forgotten about 4 days later and dried and died. This seed for whatever reason, time, the hardiness of shell, needing extra water to penetrate shell, opened. Barely white tip emerged. I re-soaked it and checked every day. So on the 26th, it had a decent root and leafy head under its helmet. I put it in to some new Miracle Grow soil (of couse, every first timer goto. Haha) and watered it, put an old red blue purple grow light on it and watered it and it came alive. In 6 months, lots of mistakes, learning curve, and reading to try and catch up instead of rather breaking even 6 months later the month of September I was able to harvest 7.5 Oz for the plant. On September 24th I also cut a couple of cuttings in the flower stage of all times and began to grow those in the soil and these two here are the children of the mother from March 26th 2022. I have 4x4 tent with Volt Vl-1 at 440watt. Six months later in the vegetative stage I moved it in 4-10- 23 into a flower tent 5x5 with a Volt Fl-1 at 720watt.
This one in 6gal tall pot.
This one in 2.5 gal that was repotted day before 4-12-23.

Here they are 5-11-23

I l.s.t. both of them on May 1, 2023.

I switched the wattage on the Volt fl-1 on May 18th from 720 w to 576 Watt. I just guessed that five weeks to change it. Now it’s been 9 days. When do I switch to 432 Watts then 288 watt before the harvest?

My soil mixture is 1 gallon of Happy Frog soil consisting of three and a half quart of Happy Frog, quart of perlite, 0.0248 dwt high yield blood meal and two tablespoon of dolomite lime.

My well water comes out at 7.0 pH. I use 2.5 milliliters of pH Down to get it to around 6.0 to 6.5. Every other watering, I mix to one and a half gallon of water ,I add 9 ml of Cal Mag General Hydroponics, 7.5ml of GH mic

rogrow, 15ml of GH floramicro and 22 and 1/2ml of GH microbloom.

On May 24th I washed with General Hydroponics florakleen one and a half gallon in the 6 gallon dirt. A gallon and a quart in the two and a half gallon dirt to rid the salts and build ups.

Could someone explain to me why these plants aren’t doubling in size as I’ve read quite often people say in the flower stage? The light is 9 to 12 inch above the canopy.

Do I take the LST away from the plants now or at some point, or wait till I’m ready to harvest then pull it? The 6 gallon pot has 24 colas. The two and a half gallon has 21 colas.

Today May 27, 2023 with a jeweler’s loop I just noticed pistils are turning brown.

Thank you all for your help.

Thank you for having this forum to use, learn how to be educated in the process of growing cannabis.


Dude, im impressed. Very well done. Bravo to you. A thought on the stretch, maybe a different pheno expressed itself with the stress of the lst and decided she wasnt going to stretch? Stress does weird things ive found out. I usually quit lst about a week into 12/12 flip just so i dont stress her anymore and she can concentrate on growing buds and stretching. As far as bud size, i usually start to see that around beginning of week 6. I would stop any lst you are doing so she doesnt stress anymore than she has to.


Great job and that training came out amazing looks like you will be in trim jail for days


Thank you very much. I’ll release them when i get away from the forum.
How about the light setting? I’m unsure about keeping the light at the wattage it is or do I take it down to the next two settings in stage as I mentioned before Harvest?

I had enough product from first grow to experience what patience can produce when grown for six months in vegetative. It is a tremendous amount of anticipation and accomplishment should i be so fortunate to reach the end of harvest. I had thought about what you mentioned, the amount of time I’ll spend behind the trimming requirement. With that in mind, can you harvest about eight colas for three different weeks? Or twelve first week and twelve next week?

Thank you for the replies. I’m keeping a journal. But it doesn’t compare to getting feedback when you connect to this forum.


You dont need to release them. Just dont pull on em like try to force them down anymore. How do your pistils look? If you think youre starting your final few weeks until harvest, i would start turning your lights down to avoid foxtailing at least 25%. As far as staggering harvest from the same plant… sure you can! Its just like growing tomatoes, some fruit ripen sooner than others. Watch your trichomes and when youre ready and theyre ready, pluck away :slight_smile:


720w for five weeks.
On 18th switched to 576w. Has been nine days.
Six gallon will be veg seven weeks this Tuesday.
Just noticed today with Mexsee, the last picture above and jeweler’s loop showing some brown tricomes. Pic shows few pinpoint tan dotting.
I have two more settings, 432watt and 288watt and final total darkness. Once browning appears, how many weeks are there approximate?

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Seven and half weeks.
I turned the light down to 432watt June 1. I’m only bringing the PH Down and 11ml of General Hydroponics florabloom to one and half gallon water every other day.
Unsure she can make two and half weeks.
When should I drop the florabloom?
How many GH florakleen every other water should I try for?

According to Harvest Guide pistils should be seventy thirty. Pistils are eighty twenty at top of cola. Down thirteen inches the pistils are sixty forty. Is that just the way it is?

It doesn’t evenly match up across the whole cola?
Trichomes should be milky but not all amber colored.
Thank you for a reply in advance. It’s appreciated.

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Here are a couple of MaxSee photos of trichomes.