First flowering

I’m at day 45. Some plants have more brown hairs than others. Trichromes are still clear. I’m using Advanced Nutrients. I was going to use nutes for one more week and then flush for the last week. I’ve been reading a lot about humidity. I have a small dehumidifier in the closet and it usually stays in the mid 50s. We have an AC vent in the closet as well so that dumps on the plants. I also heard some thing about turning down the light the last week or two what is that all about?

Any advice appreciated!

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Is it an autoflower? If your talking about placing in the dark for the last two or three days before harvest @Nicky is a firm beliver in that. Day 45 of flower or all together growth?

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I agree with@nicky. Turn lights off for 48 to drain sugars into the roots. Then cut within 2 minutes of light coming on.

They’re 45 days of flowering.

They’re not auto flower. Thanks!

It’s not that I’m believer its there is multiple accounts and theory to suggest it’s a good idea and then there is proof, it’s a small scale proof but it’s proof see here:

There is more out there and I have a post floating around here that’s a big responce but I failed to bookmark it so this is the summary version.

Feel free to bookmark this one to you may end up linking my post alot lol.

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As to the original post @Mc
Your not ready to harvest yet.

All plants mature differently regardless of what the seed company said they lie about everything lol, well they give you a best rough idea of eh t to expect that includes thc %.

Hard to give you advice without knowing your setup and your equipment to be honest.

Here is a VPD chart to follow.
Looks like they have been Ina hot environment possibly hence the leafs reaching up to smack the light away but at the same time looks like your light is minimal or are you not PH’ing your water?

Oh and if your feeding nutrients ensure 20% run off each time to avoid a salt build up.

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Hi and thanks for your help. What did you notice to say the light may be minimal?? I’m not sure I do have enough light. I have a 1000 watt ballast and have it set at 750. I also have a very small LED light that I used for germination hovering over one plant in the corner. My closet is eight feet long and 2 1/2 feet wide. We have them side by side using about six feet long and pull them out into the room to look at them and feed them and rotate them around. We have ac dumping in and exhaust running up and out of the closet. I am using homemade CO2 using yeast and sugar. I have a small dehumidifier which collects water every day. My temps are usually in the low to mid 70’s. My humidity seems to go up and down. Last night it was 51 but tonight it was 70 and I’m not sure why. I think my husband may not have emptied the runoff bins last night.
I had been feeding and caring for the girls but I broke my ankle on New Years and he’s had to take over. I never had the tips yellow before. I am using Advances Nutrients following their schedule. I didn’t really plan on having six plants in there for my first time. I was going to keep original one for a mom but than decided against it. One was cloned and three were seeds and one other was a seed but was outside on its own because I didn’t know if it was male or female for awhile. They veged way too long and I didn’t do much pruning or training. That’s why they’re so tall.
Thanks for the help. I was going to feed for one more week then maybe start flushing? Or should I not flush until they look ready?

Don’t flush thill they look ready, a USB or Bluetooth microscope from Amazon is dirt cheap and is the only real way to tell if they are ready.
At least 80% of the hairs shiuld be brown orange.

Some more pictures would be nice so we can get an idea of your setup and see what your plants look like.

Follow the chart as best you can for temp /humidity, you seen I posted that above right? Print it out and hang it on your door or something to refer to.

I did look at the chart but wasn’t sure what I was looking at! Lol. Will check it out again!
I’ll take some pics tomorrow and I did order a microscope already. Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it!

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No problem.
Print the chart, it’s really your guage you should be shooting for

Hi Nicky!
I got a few pics for you. I don’t know why the one biggest plant is showing nute burn on the tips and none of the others are. She’s the one I had started first and was keeping for a mom in veg but then decided to flower her when the others were ready. They’re so big that we have to pull them out of the closet to feed them and then we rotate them on the way in. The original plan was to have two ballasts at 600 but when we switched to flower and changed the bulb the one ballast wouldn’t work the hps bulb so we just went with the 1000 hps ballast but Only have it set on 750watts. We keep air conditioning on in house about 73. There’s an air duct you can see pointing straight down and also a fan on each end. I’m not sure why my humidity is at 68 % right now but that’s with the light just coming on. I run 12/12 but keep off by day and on at night. The closet is all sealed and heat is carried off ballast up into attic. I have a small dehumidifier which collects some water but not full each night.
I know they’re all stretched and everything but this was my first time and I’m trying to figure it all out for next time. I should have my little loupe tomorrow but I still have a way to go. I’m at day 46 of flower.
Thank you for your help!

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Looks good your doing really good for your first grow.

Take a bunch of leafs off, lollipop and defoilate.
Here is a good piece you should read.
Pruning Your Plants Archives - I Love Growing Marijuana.

Thank you! I was too nervous on my first time. I will read up for next time. I think I’m too late now.

Your not.

Buds need light to grow, thc is a Sunscreen when it comes to this situation. The more light it gets the more it grows.
The plant uses its energy to grow and the less leafs the more the buds grow.
This is also why we leave plants in the dark for 48hr before we chop them, as the light degrades the thc. So its been found that 48hr is the sweet spot for the plant to pump out more thc and not have the light degrade it.


Ok. So you think I should defoliate?

Do you think they have enough light? They are in a row about 5 ft by 2 ft. I have a small LED in the corner just because I had it for germination.

They are Cherry Lime Soda. It says 60+ for flowering. One is Cherry Pound Cake. I thought I would continue feeding for one more week and then just go to water. How long do you flush??

Thank you for taking the time to advise me!:wink:

Defoilate and lollipop. Yes


One of the branches had broken off while moving the girls in and out of the closet so my husband has been drying it to sample. He just cut it open and it’s full of seeds!!!
He’s besides himself and pissed at me because early on we had a “free” seed that I planted and kept outside away from my feminized seeds and she grew and began to flower outside with no lights, nutes, etc so I posted pics on this forum and everyone said she looked female so I brought her in with the others. He told me not to but I did it anyway so you can imagine the hell going on in my house now.
How come there’s no noticeable seeds on the outside?! I’m at day 48 or 49 of flower!!
Are they all gonna be filled with seeds?!

Females can seed themselves when exposed to to much stress if it was a feminized seed then it’s more likey then a regular seed.

Doesn’t mean it pollinated any other plants it may have just seeded its self.
Check all your plants sex, any herms?, any males?

Stuff. Happens your hubby needs to breath. Doesn’t he understand that your just as disappointed as him?
It’s not the end of the world lol.
You can still turn seedy pot into dry sift keef, or bubble. Hash or oil. If your into edibles.

Thank you for your help and positive attitude!! We’re going to finish them out and whatever we get we get😞.
What kind of stress do you think would make a feminized seed do that?
Do you think moving them around and pulling them out of the closet is stressful for them?
I never intended to have six in that space but after experimenting with cloning one and she took I kept her and of course the “ free” seed I just threw outside took off too. Didn’t know I had any kind of green thumb!! Lol.
He better be a little more appreciative of me or this will be his first and last crop!! I don’t even smoke!!:confounded:

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