First drying box ok?

Hi again. Well i had to cut my plants early. Maybe 3 to 4 weeks out from harvest? I quick dried some and dang satisfied, so im sure these will have just fine results.

Anyway, im 2 days into the drying process and wanted to ask. I had to put them all in one box and its the biggest i had around. (Not going looking for a bigger one unless i have to.) The stems are pretty thin because of LST to the pot and i trimmed most fan leaves. So theres a few inches between them.

(The top box is just for weight.) You can see i have a dehumidifier in there. Which seems to pull out extra humidity very slowly when watching the hydrometer. Ive checked it each day and maybe a 1/4 cup in the pan… You can see that i have holes with fans on both sides and the front/bottom of the box has holes for sitting on the AC vents to keep it cooler than the room and providing airflow.

Temps have been ranging from 59 to 69 and humidity between 50% and 69%.

Thanks for your thoughts.


Should work just fine


Thankya sir!

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Ok, new problem. Im on about day 4 of drying and when it gets cloudy or rains, the humidity changes through the AC vent that i have the box on. Ive noticed quickly that the AC goes between some kind of 2 cycles over about a 5 minute period. So you can sit there and literally watch it go from 55% to 74% and just repeat every 5 minutes.

I bought a $20 humidifier and it doesnt do jack squat in the box and cant get another one in time.

Being that airflow and temps are ok. (55 -70 depending on day/night, do you think ill be ok. Obviously worried about mold.


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That’s a damn good McGuyver drying box! Props to you :facepunch:

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Quite the compliment, thank you!

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That will be fine i made a drying box out of a karcher vaccum box it had a inline fan with carbon filter in the box and i put holes in the box so the inline fan would suck in the cool air and i had my humidity and temperature meter in the side of box so i can read it to see how my humidity and temp was