First Dry and Cure in the Cannatrol - Fully Loaded

I cut down a Wedding Cake auto two days ago 1/27. It was a large plant so I hung it in sections in a tent with a small fan blowing indirectly and the exhaust running at about half power.

Tonight I shucked it down to its individual buds and loaded the cannatrol. That was about an hour ago and it’s still trying to regulate and is beginning to fill the rear drip tray. Temp is holding at it’s programmed 68d with a dew point of ~55d with a resulting humidity of 64%. By morning it should be able to get its dew point to 54d with a humidity of 62%

Prior to this I had another wedding cake auto curing in grove bags for about a week, and ran them through 3 days of the 4 day cure cycle as an experiment, it very noticeably improved both the smell and smoke.

Excited to get a full 4 day dry and subsequent 4 day cure with this new tool. (these are the vendors defaults which they recommend trying before adjusting).


I’m going to dry trim after the 4 day dry, and then return the buds back to the trays for the cure.


That thing is pretty high on my wish list


These babies are starting to get popular. Wish they were bigger lol.


This morning the drip tray had 1/2 cup of water in it. The temp was 68d and the dew point was 54d. Humidity was 62% as advertised.

@Fieldofdreams I wish it was bigger too. I have a gold leaf that sprinted to the finish and now I’m stalling her for 8 more days before she gets her turn in the box.


I wish I had those problems right now :joy:
I’m helicoptering over plants in the transition right now buying $100 half ounces left and right :sunglasses:


Oh I still get to the choppa lol. I was staring at the purple leaves on the younger GL for like 15 min at least.


Couple of hours left before a full day in the dry cycle, it’s put out over a cup of water in the drip tray. Kind of cool to be able to measure the water leaving the plant.


2 days and 19 hours into the dry cycle.

Machine is still putting out a bit of water. Buds are starting to firm up a bit. (These are just shucked not yet trimmed)

GoldLeaf in the 3X3 just because

The water in the drip tray of the machine smells wild, like you wrung the water out of a cola.


Use it in your bong for flavor lol!!


Haven’t updated this in a bit, well because I’m lazy and busy, and there’s really not much to say about this thing. Bud goes in wet and comes out perfect on the factory dry/cure settings.

It’s not “cured” in the sense that it doesn’t need to hang out for another 3 or 4 weeks in a grove bag or a jar. It’s cured in the sense that the moisture content of the bud is perfect and stable.

Update on the GoldLeaf…

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I grew auto’s in a green house, should i wash before puting in cannatrol

It is a preference thing. If you do wash the buds, hang overnight before you put into the Cannatrol.