First Attempt, Looooong grow. Bonsai plants? Deplorables Kush ;)

Week 4 Day 4, added a ruler so you can understand the bonsai reference. Look healthy though!

5" tall

7" tall


So I did the math, after seeing other people post “day whatever”. This is day 25 of flowering, day 157 since potting the sprouts.

Appear to be slightly behind schedule for mid week 4. Yes?


She’s right on time!
Can’t reference another plant when all are singular personality?
She is what she is,a beauty of a plant,coming in to her own.
She’ll be fine,give her time


Thanks! I went into this thinking that anything is better than nothing, and I think I may have that part licked. This wasn’t an investment, it is a hobby… I actually bought the grow light to keep a potted lime and lemon tree going over the winter, as well as an herb garden. So far, except for some bloom specific nutes ($14.99), I haven’t bought anything specifically for this.


I would say that your are achieving your hobby :smile: they look beautiful, also, I love that planter

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HA!! Thanks, Ghettttto! Whatever was laying around the yard. Seriously though I am retired, and graduated in May with a BS in Elementary Education. I have no need to work as yet, so this keeps me busy. Oh, and the old Pete Townsend album “All the Best Cowboys have Chinese Eyes” doesn’t apply for teaching :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m actually a little concerned though. It drains well (meaning that when I water it comes out the bottom) but it stays moist twice as long as the clay pot. I expected it because if is glazed on the inside (no evap) and larger - BUT… is it ok for the same water to stay in there for that much longer? I mean, Maryanne looks lush and pretty, but if I should re-pot, I’d rather do it now(week4) than later.

PROTIP from regular tomato gardening. Spending a bunch on cloth pots? Check out the $0.99 fabric “environmentally friendly” grocery sacks I just thought that might be too much dirt for my plant. Upon further review, I’m an idiot (too much dirt???), but is it too late to worry about fixing it? I am leaning towards “wait and see” and “if it ain’t broke…”

I did just get my pH tester and up/down in the mail, so these bitches are fixin’ ta get RIGHT!

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Got my pH stuff. I checked what I had been feeding them (tap water through a Zero-water filter with nutrients) and it was hovering about 5. Out of curiosity, I checked and molasses raises the pH slightly. I adjusted my feed to 6.3 and the run off was 5.7-5.8 on both Which I think seems luckily optimum.
This is a stoner trying to calibrate a pH meter…
I poured the run-off on my tomatoes :slight_smile:

Edited to add - the !@#$in thing probably didn’t need calibrating, and my attempts at this are probably what required the eventual need for calibration. Distilled water shouldn’t have a 12.5 pH right? FML…


5 gallon fabric pots are only like $3 at my local hydro store. And they can be used many times over.

I always use the extra nutes I have left on the tomatoes and let me tell you! them mfers produced a shit ton and nice fruits haha


Since this is bag-seed with no name, I hereby dub this strain “Basket of Deplorables” a.k.a. Trump Kush! I was going to name them Ginger and Maryanne, but they are now obviously Melania and Ivanka :wink:



Out of likes :+1::clap::clap::ok_hand:


Those are some pretty girls!


I’m definitly following this and I’ll prob take your idea and run with it…the whole car windshield cover was brilliant!


HA! If it looks stupid but it works… But wait there’s more! I got some mylar survival blankets to make a tent. But that may wait until next time…


Day 27, pH sorted. And an epiphany based on these pictures.

Side view:


So, on a plant that is not lollipopped of “extra” fan leaves (like Ivanka in the exact same environment) There is a flower getting exactly 0 light that is !@#$in’ rocking!

So the epiphany? I think that removing fan leaves may help the lower buds ripen evenly with the coma, but it has ZERO to do with the plant receiving the necessary energy to flower. I am leaning more and more towards harvesting each bud as it ripens. This little gem even has sub-flowers! I dub the little guy Baron :slight_smile:


And the grow-room update. Mylar film, some shelf brackets, etc…I think the pics explain everything, but questions or advice are welcome.

Hung with a regular stapler

Right before the big move.

2 lights, one 4" fan.

THIS!!! an immensely accurate thermometer, and easy to check at a glance. The top buoy is 80F. The one below is 78F. I can guaran-damn-tee that it is 79F

And my Trump Kush ladies have a new home. This is the White House, and it will Make my buzz Great Again!!!


you can get large rolls of mylar inso wrap on line for a lot cheaper than windshield reflectors,shopping but yes good way to reuse material


I would also like to say I like what your doing to the room