First attempt at LST

I began LST about three weeks ago. This is an Amnesia Haze autoflower that should grow to the height of about 28 inches. The plant’s main stem was very pliable and I worked it over till it was about parallel to the soil. Some of the leaves touched the soil which I think is not recommended. This is a very lush plant. I have read that fan leaves are the “powerplant” which supplies the energy for the plant and for the smaller plants thinning is not recommended. However, my understanding of the purpose for LST was to facilitate other branches (and buds) to receive more light and to work towards making a “canopy.” The plants certainly seems more “level” than my first grow attempt. The question I have is: Is LST something to use with low height growing autoflower? Or, is LST better utilized with photo-flower? The autoflower (outcome) seems “very crowded” to me but I am not sure if I should “thin” it out. The plant is forty-six days since germination and (as far as I am concerned) it “flowered” way early. My last grow took much longer from the same seeds. (This experience is great!) But, about the LST…

Thank you for your feedback! Best Regards to everyone.

P.S. Isn’t that a lovely Christmas tree in the picture (Wow!)


Hey, “merlin44”, can’t get a good picture of the “white lights” on the tree. I’m going to have an early (not too early) harvest in one part of the plant and later harvest for the others. Yours ever do that?

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I have not had that but I have only had nine grows including my current grow. I am still fairly new to growing.

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So, with four month harvest cycles you have been at this for thirty six months and with six month harvest cycles you have been at it for four and a half years; I’d consider you “experienced.”

Best Regards

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Many folks discuss the need to harvest in phases, this is not unusual.

As for my experience, I did take a whole year off (2020) so not as much growing in that three years as you might think. I also only grow one way and don’t anything about other methods. The experienced growers have a breadth and depth of knowledge that I will never have, I just grow for my own use and amusement. LOL

Your LST looks great!
If you have an interest, here is a link to my most recent update for my current grow:

Heading out for the day…have a good one.


Well that means you and I are (in certain regards) very much alike. Thanks for the link…I’ll check it out.

This is plant B. It seems to be more sensitive to the nutrient regimen and needs closer monitoring. It is flowering pretty early as well. I was thinking of taking the restraints for LST off the plant. Will that effect the direction the plant is growing? There is no tension on the restraint.

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