Firs time ever growing

F1 Orion hybrid, 35 days old.


These Orions seem to be pretty solid as advertised. I’m seeing may common characteristics across the forum with them. Real sharp appearing leaf edges. A tad on the lighter side. Yours looks fantastic! Mine are at 18 days…


There supposed to be pretty potent with a good yield, that’s what I’m looking for. As far as the plant itself, I’m chalking it up to beginners luck. I put it in FF soil and have only watered with distilled. Fed it for the first time Friday.


What are you feeding with? She looks really good. They must be quick too because she’s already in full bore flower!

I’d absolutely sxxx if someone with a VP or Rex icon showed up in this Convo :rofl:

That’s funny bro! All I gave it was the Fox Farm trio at half strength.

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Awesome. As fast as they are suppose to flower, you may be able to avoid having to flush like the schedule has. I’m ready to get these babies done and see if the terps are as crazy as they describe.

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Hey man, so when did you notice pistils first start appearing on the plant. Not at the tips of the branches, but along the main stem where the really fat calyxes form? I just noticed these…

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I’m not sure brother, but I do know the pistols/bud spots were at 25 days.

They were tiny, but noticeable.


Ok, then I’m right at about your time frame. In my experience autos go into flower a week to 10 days after first pistils. Thanks a bunch growmie.


These are 3 Fat Banana photos from the same company that I started the same day. 2 are topped, the center one I’m going to let grow wild and see what happens. The fan leaves are huge.


F1 Orion, day 38.


42 days, I finally spotted some tricomes!


Mmmm… trichomes