Finished first 21 days! Nutrient question

  • White Widow CBD Autoflower from ILGM
  • Method: Soil-Fox Farm Happy Frog
  • Vessels: Plastic 3- gallon Pots
  • Light system: Bestva 600W LED

My three (3) plants look great, to me. Green and healthy. Plus, I have been doing Low Stress Training in the past week to expose it to more light. One plant I actually ‘topped’. They are all looking good. My PH is in about 6.3
Question: tomorrow I am expecting my TDS/PPM meter to arrive. I have studied on how to water and then collect the runoff to ascertain the math. First I will PH and also use the tester on my tap water. Ive been watering by letting the water sit overnite to minimize chlorine. I also have a gallon of distilled water.
They are also due for the next watering tomorrow.

I have a bottle of FoxFarms ‘Grow Big’ and ‘Tiger Bloom’. I understand that the amount I use, to avoid burning, will be determined by the pre- adding nutrients soil’s PPM is at? Minus the PPM of the tap water? Or if I use the distilled water then just the straight PPM of the soil. Correct?
Then, if warranted by the PPM of the watered soil, I will add the nutrients, but probably at 1/4 of the amount on Foxfarms feeding schedule. Then wait to see how the plants do?
Am I on the correct track?
Also, I read that those nutrients will screw up my good PH. Is that true only if I use too much nutrients? Or, do I need to be checking the soil ‘PH’ regularly anyway, so…I’ll just cross that bridge if I find the PH screwed up in a week or two?
Am I thinking clearly?
Any input is greatly appreciated!


Here is the the feeding schedule from fox farms for happy frog and their line of nutes. With autos I would do about a quarter to a half of the suggested amount.

I just realized that feeding schedule doesn’t have have grow big or tiger bloom in it. Here is their soil feeding schedule as well.

I’m growing in ocean forest and have been following this feeding schedule I found. Should be good with the happy frog too. I also started to add the beastie blooms and cha ching around week 8. I would pick up some calmag as well.

As for the ppm. I’ve seen people say to start when the ppm of the run off reaches 800. I started with nutes around week 6. Where happy frog is not as hot as ocean forest you may want to start with the nutes a bit earlier than that.

Thanks! I appreciate it!