Fimming of topping my marijuana

A question from a fellow grower:

After receiving my purchase of OG Kush seeds, germinated 5, all 5 sprouted & were planted within 72 hrs. Very viable seeds. Read about pro’s & con’s re: the topping & fimming of different OG Kush strains due to their genetics to stretch. Is the strain I purchased OK to top or OK to fim? In your experience, WHICH or WHAT would you do to make the plant bushier & add more bud sites? (1st x growing OG Kush)

top them and supercrop them

I have nearly 20 sites on one 6 inch plant. So you tell me…top or not to top. :wink:

supercrop them

Og kush was my first purchase from here first grow very successful 4 plants topped them all total yield 9.5oz

I am Growing OGK. FIM. 'nuff said! :slight_smile: