Topping or Fiming

I have limited tech ability and I apologize if I’m not doing this properly. I’m beginning the veg stage of my planting and I’m concerned that eventually the height of my plants might be an issue since I have only 7 foot ceilings in my grow room. Would you advise that I top or fim my plants in an attempt to limit their growth and still get a good crop? Also, if you can advise me where I can view this procedure via U-tube or a good illustrating program that would show the step by step procedure for both approaches. Thank you for your time and help. Town Walker


Thanks for your response.I have read the material but would feel more comfortable with a video showing the techniques. ( I understand easier that way ) Thank you for your time.

There are hundreds if not more How To videos out there. Good ole google will get you there. Actually my first introduction to a lot of this was Black Dog LED - it has some really good grow videos. They really train the heck out the plants to push weight in order to promote their lights - but from a how to stand point I found them useful.

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There’s a guy named Kyle Kushman that has a lot of good videos available on youtube. I don’t know that he has done a vid on topping and fimming, but you can check.

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Thank you beardless. Have been reading the heck out of the subject but lookin forward to your recommendation on videos.

Not really. Just a few videos, got the scissors out and wack. This was on some autos. I will probably look at it a little more because I will need to decide on what I want to do with 4 northern light photos that are a couple weeks into veg. I will track down the Black Dog video it did in a 3x3 which is what I have.
The timing as to when to switch to 12/12 light schedule also has a major impact on ultimate height.

@dannor4 blackdog led
This one has a short segment on topping.

edit: unauthorized link

I would check out Kyle Kushmans videos on youtube, he’s incredibly informative and thorough.

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Thanks - Lot’s of suggestions and all helpful. I feel much better about what and how to do what I need to do.

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My advice: always try to FIM and be happy when it’s just topped lol. I get it right about 1/2 the time.

Here’s a successful FIM but too late for the plant. Just one giant goober of goodness.


Your the 2nd person to recommend that source. Thanks for getting back to me.

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That’s scary. I’ve only planted 2 plants and this is my first attempt at growing marijuana. I’ll hold my breath and hope for the best. Thanks for getting back to me.

@dannor4 sorry about the unauthorized link. It was aggressive topping followed by defoliation so not appropriate for someone learning. I am certainly not ready for those techniques.

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No sweat: that’s what they pay me the big bucks for LMAO.

Here is a YouTube link that my brother @repins12 shared on training

The funny thing is I ran across that company while looking into lights. I am glad I did not buy one but the videos made me think yeah - I can do that. They gave a clueless person a list of what was needed. I will admit, the Vault humidor is nice but a little excessive and the Grozone Controller is still in the box. :sunflower: