Fiming in preflower?

Can you fim a AF that just started pre flowering ? Amnesia AF 24 days old. She has been top’d already wanting to fim at 7 node for more branching.

This pic is a week old

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I wouldn’t recommend it
all topping and fimming should be done before they preflower to prevent stressing the auto flower out
Remember when you top or fim there is a min of one week recovery time for the plant and interrupting that cycle is not advised with a auto


I agree. Autos aren’t the best for playing with. I’ve tried several different things with them, but I think leaving them alone gave me the best results.

You wanna play? Get some photoperiod plants and have a blast! It’s pretty cool what you can do with them.

It’s your grow, we’re just here for the ride…

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My new little one 6 weeks old feeding plain water until this weekend ill start feeding bloom nutes!Not done much with her at all she seems to be pretty happy :stuck_out_tongue:

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