Top before transplant outdoors?

I have several Gold Leaf and a few auto flower that aren’t flowering yet (some are) Should I top them before transplanting outside and let them heal, or should I transplant outdoors then top them?

Is FIMM better than topping?


I won’t be topping anything that is flowering, no worries!

How far along are they? If you are going to top autos you want to do it as early as possible. They are going to start to floor when they are ready to you can really impact your yield if you do it to late.

The Gold Leaf have about 6 nodes, the AF that are not flowering yet probably have about the same. I won’t top any AF that have pre-flower going on, I know that is detrimental.

If it were me I would top or fim and let them heel for a week or so and then put them outside.

As for fimming as aposed to topping it is really personal preference. You could try one of each to see the results first hand. Topping will give you 2 main colas where as fimming would result in up to 8 smaller tops.

I believe fimming is less stressful for the plant and will not slow down growth as much as topping will (I could have it backwards and I’m sure someone will correct me if I have it wrong)
My personal experience I find fimming to work better for me because it seems to even out my canopy better.

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Thanks! I am afraid these Gold Leaf will get way too tall, so probably going to fimm or top half of them, the pop them in the ground after a few days.

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