Filter working times

On a filter like this Common Culture Carbon Filter 6" x 16" 400 CFM | direct from Growers House if used in a 4x4 tent in my house, how long do they actually keep the odors down? Will they last a full grow, 2 grows, 3 grows?

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Something like this with the filter would work perfect for you by far my favorite fan it’s so quite and will last a long time

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@RAP I’m still on my first filter, 3rd grow. So far it’s still kicking ass. It’s a canlite carbon filter. Others may have a different perspective how long a carbon filter may last. Relative Humidity plays a role in how long they last, and having a humidifier spraying onto it with it working isn’t helping the life of it either.

Thanks @Hogmaster . I already have an Active Air 6" inline that I bought 6 mos ago so I will use it until it dies. I bought it before I knew If I needed one or not. I did not. But I just ordered a 4x4 tent so I can flower in the summer when its 115° outside and more in the garage so now I need one :grinning:.

The filter says it will work for 2 years but I wonder what people really get in reality. Sounds promising from @Covertgrower

I think I will set the 4x4 tent up with the 2 260xl LED’s with fan and filter for a nice in the house grow.


this info is not good, if u look at the site it keeps repeating “6 x 16 400 cfm”, this is replacing actual valuable info, like how much carbon is in the filter.!!

it actually looks like they r a knock off of Black Ops filters, even used Black Ops’ info as their own…???

the life of a filter depends on the contaminants pulling thru the filter and the amount and quality of the carbon in the filter.!!

i m with Covert, i use Can-Filters, great quality, long life, and replaceable pre-filters.!!

this is another instance that the cheap filter will work and costs half as much, but…
the good filter will work better for 3 times as long.!!

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Thats what happens when I order before I ask :anguished:. All I can do now is know better next time. I did not really figure it would last 2 years that is why I asked what people get in the real world. Its here now so I will use it and get the cheaper recommendation from now on.

Thanks all!!!

@Hogmaster @Covertgrower @SlowOldGuy

Any links to a 6" can filter for my 400cfm fan?

@RAP Not the cheapest, but this is what I have in my tent.

Can Lite Carbon Filter With Pre Filter, 6-Inch 600 Cubic Feet Per Minute

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I love this exhaust so much, and brag about it in every post I see it in lol. Works perfect, and I don’t have to constantly worry about adjusting it myself. I have the T4 in my 2x2 veg tent, and one day will get the T6 for my flower tent!

This was on the page of your link @Covertgrower Comes with a prefilter. Worth trying for $50 or just go with $100+ ?

Not sure I understand. The one I have has a prefilter. I’m unsure if it’s necessary, but I purchased mine with it. @RAP
Filter add life to anything with air circulating through it. I would suggest it. It’s probably washable/or resusable. Keeps contaminants from clogging the carbon. Although I’ve never washed mine.

@Covertgrower Sorry I forgot to post the link. It was a $50 filter on the same page as your link as an alternative. Just wondering if you think it would be worth trying to save some $$

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It’s a different price because it’s not the same size. Up to you.
Dimensions: 6’’ x 18’’ also no CFM rating.

Dimensions of the canlite: 24 x 10 x 10 inches

no its not worth it,
a member on here had trouble with one, he switched to Phresh and all was good.!

the Can-Filter is twice the price, but it works better and will last 3 times as long,
if u do the math the cheap filters end up costing more to run over time.!!

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When using a fan and filter for odor control in a 4x4 tent, or any size really, do you run the fan 24hrs or can you run it less? 12/12 like lights?.. 4 hrs on 4 hrs off? @SlowOldGuy @Covertgrower @dbrn32

@RAP if you shut the fan off, you’ll defeat the purpose of the carbon filter. The smell will get out.
I run my fan 24/7 for air movement, and smell control. This is why I tell people that an energy efficient fan is important.

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Yup, you should really keep on 24 hours to keep scent down and aur moving through space.

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4X4 Tent, new filter and new fan on order. Tent and fan deliver in a few days and filter a couple more days after that. All chosen from your comments and suggestions. Will post some pics on a new thread whaen they have arrived. I am planning on using the 2 260xl 3000k lights in it, also bought from your suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:

@Hogmaster @dbrn32 @Covertgrower @SlowOldGuy


Fan came today. Tent tomorrow.